Cardiovascular Exercise vs. Diabetes

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For those of us with adult onset diabetes, AKA Type 2, do you remember when you'd order the buffet at your favorite restaurant and the foremost thing in your mind was getting your money's worth? So you may have, like me, loaded up the last plate knowing that when you got done, you'd regret it, just a little bit?

I think "getting our money's worth" fits into other investments we make as well as buffets, now that we know they just aren't an option for us any more, at this point in our lives.

Take for example the investment you might make in a treadmill, or a monthly membership at a local gym or an indoor pool. If you make an investment in these, you'll be sure to get your money's worth. Please note that I call them investments and not purchases. You won't always have a return on a purchase, but in this case you will have a return on your investment. You'll certainly enjoy the benefits of continuing your use of either more than the expenses involved with a worsening of your condition three to five years from now.

I liked this site I found doing a search related to the improvement cardio workouts can bring to the type two sufferer. Do, however, always follow the advice of your health practitioner, who I hope is holistic, before starting any workout. Keep your family gene pool in mind as well.

Here is the link, and I hope it is beneficial to you:

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