What works for me and hopfully for others!!!

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I struggled with type 2 for the last 5 years and it was very hard to keep it below 200 all the time, I usually fast a month every year for religious reason once a month every year from dawn to sun set, but after the fasting is over I go back to my old habit with my food. and before you know it I am back to 200 with my sugar. When I fasted this year I lost 20 pounds as I do every year although I am not heavy, I am healthy and athletic, this time I decided to keep the weight off and continue with my exercise and stay on the fasting diet, My sugar is fantastic, my AIC1 is very good and the rest of the data shows excellent results, it really shows that Exercise and watch what we eat as everyone knows is the key to keep diabatic under control.

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Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-11-30 16:46:09 -0600 Report

Good thoughts!! I just got a call from my pulmonologist, had taken a breathing test—over night—for usage of O2 at night. I am to take it all night, every night, now, so am gaining more in energy and will try to comply with more exercise too, now that I KNOW that shortage of oxygen has been affecting my lack of energy and ability to exericse, walk. It was good to know that I wasn't "just lazy"!
Good Luck on getting all of our body parts "tuned up" so we can follow what we already know, is best for us, diabetic or not! PR

Hinboyz3 2009-11-30 16:03:26 -0600 Report

Great job!!! I know what you mean, I have to exercise daily cause I want to keep my bloodsugar down to where it needs to be, plus losing some extra weight which I needed to lose. I feel much better and have more energy than before.

elaines 2009-11-30 14:23:58 -0600 Report

Welcome to Diabetic Connect. Great job, keep up the good work. I also struggled with out of control sugars. I am not heavy but I found smaller more frequent meals is easier on my sugar levels and on my stomach. Right now I can't do much exercise. I am not supposed to be walking because I just came out of a cast for a foot ulcer. 2 more weeks and I plan to start it up again. I know I put on 5 lbs being in this chair since May and I don't like it. Keep up the good work.