blood thinners?

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Do any of you take blood thinners like low dosage bayer…also can anyone explain keytones to me??

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Here is an explanation of ketones for you.
Ketones are what are produced when the body breaks down fat for energy; this is converted over in your liver. When your body is producing ketones and using the fat for fuel it is ketosis. Ketones are acidic molecules and your body doesn’t like acid so it dumps it into your blood to be disposed of out your kidneys.

Diabetics can have too much sugar in their blood. This causes the blood to become acidic and ketones to build up causing a condition called Ketoacidosis. This is a very dangerous state to be in. You can use a ketogenic diet to lose fat weight but you need to be monitored by your Health Care Provider and your sugar levels need to be kept stable.

*Judy (JP)

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