going from the pen to a pump

By ONeil Latest Reply 2009-11-28 21:39:55 -0600
Started 2009-11-28 05:54:03 -0600

I would like to know from you all if the pump would be good for do to my BS is still runnig high and I am using the pen now , even whatching what I am eating and it still runs high. so I you all have an idea please list them I am will to here them all .
Hugs to all

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alanbossman 2009-11-28 17:38:26 -0600 Report

Hi ONeil, sorry to hear you are have problems with your bs. I know pumps are not cheap. Hope things work out soon.

ONeil 2009-11-28 21:39:55 -0600 Report

thank you , so do I But I will see my Doc in a few weeks and I better have a long talk with him and see what is happen. But I do help on lowering my BS in stead of haveing these high all the time. Thank you again

Germaine 2009-11-28 11:10:48 -0600 Report

Well if you are type 2 diabetic as your catergory says.i do not know if you would want to on the pump. I honestly think the pump should be only for type 1 diabetics. I have been on it for 3 yrs. It's not a magical device, but it has helped me in a way. I have been type 1 diabetic since 1993. I also find that me walking 1 hr everday helps keep my levels down as well. There are just so many factors out there that can make your glucose go up, stress, environment and thereforth. I would advise you to seriously have a chat with your doctor about other options that may be good for you, then do your research from there. It's your health so be proactive with it and research any ideas your doctor gives you.

Good luck!!

ONeil 2009-11-28 14:58:10 -0600 Report

I don't eather but I would like a lot of this to stop being a yo yo, thats all. I will talk to my Doc in a few weeks. and I will go from their.
Thank you

Harlen 2009-11-28 15:03:05 -0600 Report

I am T2 on the pump and I have ran into others that feel that way too.Its like you did this to you so you need to deal with the pain of the shots all the time.As well as all the high and low sikes 90% of my famly are T2s I am the only one thats big.I have always ben on a good diet and work out a lot.And have always ben a big man
I wish every one had on open mined to life.

ONeil 2009-11-28 15:11:15 -0600 Report

well I never use to be big , but now I am over weight and I look tearable , for being 49 and that looks bad, but I have been told that this is cause by meds that you take and more.
that is why I try to eat as little as I can to lose the weight, along with the walks that I do every day. I stll have High BS with very little lows

kdroberts 2009-11-28 15:08:48 -0600 Report

The pump should be for everyone who could benefit from it. Unfortunately right now it seems like it's only for those who can afford it.

ONeil 2009-11-28 15:15:30 -0600 Report

i don't know how much it will cost, and I don't know how much the Ins would cover it or what my co pay would be
Knoew it is time to talk to my Doc , like evry one says and my be we can come to something sudable foe me. I will see in a few weeks.
Thanks you

kdroberts 2009-11-28 10:57:06 -0600 Report

I would say no, but possibly yes. A pump is not a magical device, you will have to be good with technology and be pretty tight with the amounts of insulin you need to give yourself. If you r blood sugars are out of control because you just haven't got your insulin doses right yet then a pump wont help. If it's because of some other reason then it might. You will need to talk to your doctor.

First I would look at your diet, how much insulin you are taking and then your numbers before and after you eat. You should hopefully start to see some things that are wrong and then be able to make improvements. Maybe certain foods are not working for you, maybe it will be a change in dose, maybe something else.

ONeil 2009-11-28 14:54:41 -0600 Report

well I have been trying different thing , frist the up my insulin then they lower it , now they up again. I do try not to eat thing that I am not support to do. I do a lot walking, moveing around, and cleaning my house. I will see what the Doc say in a few weeks.
Thank you.

Turtle 2009-11-28 10:09:43 -0600 Report

I do not know anything about pens or pumps as I am not on insulin. I wish you the best tho and I hope you can get the help you need.