Fresh Fruits?

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I'm getting a lot of mixed advice about 'fresh fruits', and would be grateful for any solid info. What fresh fruits I can have, what I can't, that are diabetic and heart helthy compatible. One person will tell me that this fruit isn't good because it has its own 'natural' sugars. Another person will tell me that the same fruit is perfectly fine. One person will tell me that this fruit manufactures its own sugar once eaten, another person will tell me its perfectly fine. One person will tell me I can only have this fruit in very mild moderation/proportion, another person will tell me I can have all I want of it. I love apples, oranges, pink grapefruit, bananas, green grapes, and others. Is there perhaps a site that gives you 'all' the lowdown on fresh fruits?

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AddassaMari 2010-01-05 02:01:47 -0600 Report

Well good for you. I love fruits also so I was steamed when the dietitian laid down the law. I am not big on straight carbs so I trim starches and load my carb budget with fruits on vegetables. The fruits you mentioned have 15g of Carbs per serving. Serving size for fruit is usually a small piece of fresh or 1/2 cup of canned in water or its own juice, never heavy syrup.

Apples 1 small and unpeeled
Oranges 1 small
Bananas 1 small
Green grapes (small) 17
Pink grapefruit 3/4 cup (sectioned, did not know they came in cans) Remember if you take some cholesterol medicines you may have to avoid grapefruits.
A serving of fruit juice is 1/2 cup with a few exceptions - prune 1/3 cup; grape juice 1/3, cranberry juice cocktail 1/3 cup and reduced calorie cranberry juice cocktail 1 cup.
Hopes this helps you keep ingesting those fruits.

Antique-Dave 2009-11-27 11:11:52 -0600 Report

it still always goes back to eat to your meter and your mileage may vary YMMV

I eat fruit or berries several times a day, I froze a lot of fresh stuff in season so I have a good supply for eating or for making smoothies.

Spikes are one thing but its the duration of the spike that you really need to pay attention to. I strive to stay below 140 after 2 hours but glycation is a slow multi stage process so if I don't come down as fast I'm not going to worry about it.

If I spiked to 300 and stayed there all night I'd be really concerned about that, the last time I hit 190 was when I accidentally drank a glass of regular soda.

eat and test, test and eat and find the range that you are most comfortable with. thats really all you can do, set your carb budget and relax.

I have found that there are a lot of things I can still eat, stay within my carb budget and keep my BGL under control. I recognize that everything I eat can spike me but my goal is to bring it back into range before damage occurs.

My last A1C was 5.7 my cholesterol and trigs jumped a bit but its all trial and error, I'll be as flexibile as I can, make some adjustments and see what happens for the next round.

lipsie 2009-11-24 13:58:29 -0600 Report

I agree that each person is different on this one. I also spike when I eat just a tad amount of grapes, yet can handle a apple. *shrug* Good luck to everyone! Hugs! Sheila

AddassaMari 2010-01-05 02:32:04 -0600 Report

I agree, diabetes is an individual condition, it is different in each person. So it takes patience, diligence and time (which is a luxury we don't have) to figure out what works personally. That why a food diary along with glucose levels is so important in helping figure out what works and what hurts.

amontez 2009-11-24 04:53:28 -0600 Report

Wow I'm new here and already all this info has been soo helpful! i have wondered about that for weeks! lol Thanks everyone!

kdroberts 2009-11-22 19:53:01 -0600 Report

You have to figure it out for yourself using your meter. It may be that you can eat 5 bananas and you blood sugar will hardly move or it may be that you take one bite and you have blood sugar in the 300's. Probably it will be somewhere in between those. I have a hard time with fruit and my moderation is very small, like 3 or 4 grapes. Mostly I use fruit when I have low blood sugar because I like it but it raises my blood sugar too much to eat it much.

salmanda 2009-11-23 05:49:41 -0600 Report

I was told by my diabetes nurse that bananas were high in carbs. I will eat a half a banana on cereal, but peaches are great cut up on cereal! Blueberries are also very good for you because they are naturally high in antioxidents. Also, something no one else has mentioned is that the carbs in fruits are complex carbs which are better for us.

kdroberts 2009-11-23 07:57:36 -0600 Report

Again, you have to test and see. Fruit and plane old table sugar pretty much do the same thing to me. Blueberries, and berries in general, spike me peaches are not so bad but I still need caution and cereal I can't really do at all let alone with fruit on it!

MarineMomX2 2009-11-23 08:36:36 -0600 Report

I recently sprinkled some of the brown-sugar Spenda on a sliced peach and it didn't spike my bs a bit. Thought I might try it in some baking with fruits also. Just an idea…

AddassaMari 2010-01-05 02:15:21 -0600 Report

I can eat fruits all day long and my blood sugar never move. I may be steamed at the dietitian but I did learn some valuable things. 15 g of Carbs from a potato is the same 15 g of Carbs from a serving of of fruit, the only difference is that one hits the blood stream while still in the mouth and the other takes a little longer.

mamaoak 2009-11-22 17:40:58 -0600 Report

ieat grapfruit 1/2 cup straberries 1 1/4 cup black berries rassberries 1/4 cup grapes about 6 for a snack i cant eat apples or bannanas i have 1/2 a pear as well good luck yoou can eat frozen as well ahe same amoount though.

PapaRon 2009-11-22 15:31:44 -0600 Report

Oh…and excuse me while I go eat my baked cod filet dinner. LOL

CJC 2009-11-22 16:22:28 -0600 Report

What MH4now said is very true, everyone is differant and you will find differant foods will effect your BS much more than others. A slice of pizza for me shot my sugar way up.

I'm with SkipT, I eat no fruit or veggies now, 0 carbs… Your BS level does not fluctuate nearly as much. It has taken me from 240lbs - 205lbs in 8 months and dropped my insulin from 180 units per day to 80 per day, I could go on and on on the benefits of a 0 carb diet. All fruit has a lot of sugar. now, a type 2 diabetic can deal with a few servings of fruit per day but, if you cut it out all together and greatly limit carb intake, you may find no medication is needed, control your diet…

AddassaMari 2010-01-05 02:23:17 -0600 Report

Congratulations on you weight loss. I have heard of zero carbs diets and my nutritionist vetoed the idea. So maybe you can answer my question. If you are on a Zero Carb Meal Plan, what source provides the needed macro and micro nutrients as well as soluble and insoluble fiber found in carbohydrate?

PapaRon 2009-11-22 15:28:39 -0600 Report

I keep hearing this "moderation" word, and of course I know that the word is important if not crucial. The thing however that infuriates me though is, that when I'm in the mood for a good snack of fresh fruit (which means I'm usually pretty hungry), is that I must be reallllll careful, and eat a small portion of that fruit. I mean, when "I" am in the mood and hunger mode to do that, I want '2' giant apples…or '2' big grapefruits…or '2 or 3' regular size oranges…or '2 or 3' bananas…or a huge bunch of green grapes. If that's all there is, if that's all I'm having, then anything less is only a tease toward appeasing my hunger. I'm thinking, why bother with it if my appetite isn't going to be satisfied and I'm going to walk away still with a strong craving for more. But yet, I know I 'must'. And it's only torture!

2catty 2009-11-24 00:29:15 -0600 Report

I think this is why my pump is good for me. Because I am a fruit and veggie eater and everything that goes in my mouth that has a carb I have to bolus for, so if I eat, I bolus for it and it keeps me at normal levels.

Kira_xo 2009-11-21 23:38:30 -0600 Report

Fresh fruit is normally fine in moderation. Certain fruits like pineapples, have a very high sugar content tho and you should not eat a whole lot of them. Only big thing I was told by the doctor was not to eat fruit with milk because both contain sugars and can give you a high reading.

2catty 2009-11-21 23:45:31 -0600 Report

I eat fruit all the time. I just avoid the fruit juices. I do have to watch the amount of grapes I eat. for some reason they are the worst on my bg. They are all natural and are here for a purpose.

Kira_xo 2009-11-22 10:52:16 -0600 Report

Oh sheesh I couldn't tell you the last time I had grapes lol. They used to be my favorite! Especially frozen. Yumm! Normally I grab a banana cause those are just quick and easy…and I can split it with the baby lol.

2catty 2009-11-24 00:24:58 -0600 Report

Yep that is what I do with the bananna. I half it with my 4 year old. I never ate frozen grapes, now I have to try. Just not to many LOL. My favorite fruit season is over, I don't care much for fall fruits. I love summer fruits, all the melons and stuff. Yumm. I eat all these fruits and just bolus and have a 6.4 a1c used to be 8 though before my pump.

SkipT 2009-11-21 20:39:38 -0600 Report

Well, it is just me,the radical in the group. I haven't touched a piece of fruit in over three years. By its very nature most fruit is at least 24% sugar (some are even higher!). Just not something I need in my diet. I get plenty of nutrients from eating large amounts of green leafy vegetables which are a meager 12% sugar. I know that this is going to generate a lot of angry responses, so I will just say this is what I do.

Just in case someone wants to know, my latest blood work results came back with Cholesterol of 157, LDL of 100, triglycerides of 37. Kidney function normal, A1C of 6.3 with no meds. And my blood pressure was 120 over 80.

CARNEIRO 2009-11-21 17:43:04 -0600 Report

You are allowed to eat fresh fruits. For snack I have an apple with peanut butter. Or 1/2 of a banana with peanut butter. you can have pear, pomegranate, grapes (abt 15) etc. Beware of the "tropic fruit" myth. You can have pineapple and mangos, but of course you need to watch you quantities. I also have peaches, grape fruit etc. I went to a diabetic educator and she was the one who cleared alot of the myths there are about fruits.

MHarris4now 2009-11-21 11:10:35 -0600 Report

I let my meter be my guide. Seriously what each of us eat will affect us differently AND at different times. When my stress level is waaay UP there, I certainly don't add any more fuel to the fire by eating fruit. One good way for you to determine the effect that a piece of fruit will have on you is to test your blood sugar level…eat let's say 1/2 of an apple and nothing else, and then retest your sugar levels 2 hours later! When you get the results for YOUR body, jot it down and put a little reminder that you had eaten nothing else but that 1/2 of an apple for the test. Other foods that you will eat along with the 1/2 of an apple will increase your blood glucose levels too. Keep that in mind.

rankearl 2009-11-21 11:05:55 -0600 Report

fresh fruits are the best more vitamins everyting in moderation fruit juices can shoot my blood sugar up i aviod them and use only if my blood sugar is low i wish the real world knew how hard being diabetic is any variable and it changes everything all we can do is do our best every do right ? take care hugs julie

alanbossman 2009-11-21 08:56:10 -0600 Report

Fruits are good for you as susie said watch portion size.
as for me half a banana is good strawberrys are very good also .And some fruits do affect some people differently. Keep trying different ones and see which ones work best.

BIRDY 2009-11-21 07:23:09 -0600 Report

we also eat 3-4 times fresh fruit a day. For this season apples , mandarin , orange , kiwi , quince , pears , pomegranate.. I like putting a little piece of all the kinds at home in a dish thus we can eat all of them at once.We are a little bit careful for the bananas.If we eat banana , we share one banana with my husband and usually eat half banana by itself only.I read it many times that tropic fruits has less fiber so that diabetics should prefer temperate climate fruits (like I mentioned above) which having more fiber.This summer we also had many many peaches which is also recommended for diabetics.

Hinboyz3 2009-11-21 07:11:13 -0600 Report

I know I eat fruit every single day usually 2-3 times a day. Sometimes fresh fruit, and sometimes canned fruit in lite juices.

marya - 86583
marya - 86583 2009-11-22 11:08:30 -0600 Report

You can get canned fruit with no sugar added, it's usually the store brand. It is sweetened in its own juice and pear juice. We use these when we are camping and can't get fresh fruit.

AddassaMari 2010-01-05 02:26:44 -0600 Report

I never buy or eat canned fruits. Our fruit bowl is rarely empty, there is always something new. Last week it was Guava.

Susie624 2009-11-21 06:25:28 -0600 Report

As quoted from a tip sheet I got from John Hopkins,people with diabetes should eat fresh fruit several times a day as parto abalanced healthy diet. How, watchyour portion size;do not fill up on fruit at one sitting.Do not drink fruit juice that contains added sugar as many do. This was on the web site, onetouchgold that I found with the help of Bayer.

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