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First folks iI want to apologize for my crazed beginnings I was on an ahhd high with a 524 blood glucose reading then, now I'm not I've gone from staying exhausted, sleeping most of the time , with pain all over,shortness of breath, having to sleep in a recliner due to breathing , i was lucky to sleep up to 2 hours at a time ,being numb all the way up to my chest,eyesight getting worse 'no joy of life,backpain esp sciatica nerve, When all this started to get better for the first time in many yearsI got overly excited . I feel like others would too . but true to my crazy ways I got the cart before the horse again I did not want to have to try to type all this and more so I lead everyone to our helping all website at www.14info.com my testimony is on the health and weightloss testimony page ,and thanks for the link here We know it will be a blessing to many John and Amy . We ask all this family of of great people to be fully blessed in all your ways

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Turtle 2009-11-20 23:13:02 -0600 Report

Hi, I am glad you are feeling better. That is an awful high level. My brothers is high like that most of the time. He just cannot seem to get good control.

God Bless,

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