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Started 2009-11-20 15:18:17 -0600

I take a low dose of Ambien…chronic insomnia. Does anyone know if Metformin enhances the effects of sleep meds?

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Karen(Lamb)Garber 2009-11-23 11:26:58 -0600 Report

One would have to know if you had these problems BEFORE the diagnosis. I have had chronic insomnia since the death of my first husband. I blame it on having to be alert 24/7 in case he pulled out his lines (he was home-bed ridden towards the last). I take the same drug but it has not helped me sleep. The pills the doc wants me to take makes me feel like a zombie all the next day. SO if you find a cure hon…please pass it on!!!!

Safe 2009-11-24 16:18:39 -0600 Report

That's when my insomnia began…my husband's heart attack. When he came home from the hospital, at bedtime, I would watch and listen for his breathing..afraid to sleep…! He did recover and is well, but my habit was too well formed…I still watch for his breathing.

Safe 2009-11-24 16:20:35 -0600 Report

By habit I mean the watching not the meds. I didn't take them for years but found that I really couldn't survive or remain sane without something to help me sleep.

msann 2009-11-21 00:12:35 -0600 Report

hey safe i take ambien, but i am insulin user, so i dont really now,i sleep like a baby

Mart32753 2009-11-21 00:52:45 -0600 Report

I use Ambien Extended Release when I need a good night's rest. Unfortunately, you can't use it everynight.

Safe 2009-11-21 19:00:50 -0600 Report

Did you know that Ambien is actually not addictive? Taking it every night has one caveat…most people must increase the dosage to continue sleeping well. In that sense it can be sort of addictive, but I take 5 mg. of the generic, not extended release, and have never needed an increase in dosage. I do take it most nights. My chronic insomnia has been with me a long time.

Sam Stokes
Sam Stokes 2009-11-20 21:03:23 -0600 Report

I'm not smart but we do have a library of natural product help info 1 avoid caffiene
2check out your vitamin b 12 my daughter was so low she needed injections to get it back up 3 chjeck out your calcuim/magnesium4 it recommends valerian , or 5htp ,or passionflower check with your pharmist or md 4 amounts.

Harlen 2009-11-20 17:09:34 -0600 Report

It didnt do it for me but we are all difrent
If I cant sleep I use Seraquil 25 mg
And that helps me sleep very well
Best wishes