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Good morning everybody ,

We are all in a depressive mood due to the winter so that today I want to talk about a very famous Turkish theater actress who 81 year old.This lady is still active on her job also teaches at the Fine Art Academy. Her husband passed away some years ago and her the only child&daughter is suffering from cancer.Recently I read an interview with her. One sentence was very important to me." Every morning , when I wake up and open my eyes I say "thank God , I'm alive this morning too"…Since then I made this sentence my motto.
We all have problems.Some similiar , some different but lots of problems that we must face everyday but I'm thinking that all of those problems are the signals that we are still alive and the God still remembers us.Good times never last forever but bad times neither …God always gives us break times to take a deep breath so that we must never give up hoping for good times.Summer will come soon :)
Sorry for this boring post , just finishing :)

All the best to everyone.

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Sam Stokes
Sam Stokes 2009-11-18 10:22:59 -0600 Report

Birdy, I too praise God as I open my eyes daily,His Living Loving Spirit keeps me in a positive frame of mind. This is good because being ADHD 55 year old adult everything I do goes to extremes ,We found that grapeseed extract helped me to find the center , and a royal jelly honey product helped me with my zest for life . Also find ways to laugh during the day it's great for the mind and body , I enjoyed your post ,It's great to be Alive!

seawolf1944 2009-11-18 07:15:14 -0600 Report

Hello Birdy,Thank you for your comment.It should be very inspireing to everyone,who reads it.We should all be thankful that,We are alive.Yes,everyone on this site is haveing to live & deal with a disease that,We would rather not have. However when,We have foot,leg or any body problems due to diabetes,We should think of people,who are missing these body parts. I thank GOD every day that,HE allows me to wake up.At least,Im able to get around and communicate with my family and friends.We are most BLESSED.Again,thank you for your comment.Please have a nice day.John

Hinboyz3 2009-11-18 06:35:58 -0600 Report

Your right Birdy, we are all still alive and was able to wake up and enjoy another day in God's world. I thank God every morning and give him a big smile! Thanks for the post, made my day.

Pam from KCMO
Pam from KCMO 2009-11-18 05:30:03 -0600 Report

My grandma used to say, "Any day above the ground is a good one."

So have a great day, all! And thanks for this reminder, Birdy.

Susie624 2009-11-18 02:24:29 -0600 Report

Yes Birdy,we are still alive and God gave us another wonderful day to enjoy.I feel that every day is wonderful regardlessof the weather,after all we are still here Susie624

marissa50 2009-11-18 06:47:37 -0600 Report

i love it,, YES, we all have something to smile about.. GOD is beautiful and kind,, he listens and YES we are still alive.. so enjoy every moment, smile and smile a lot, thank GOD always , for everything all blessings seen and unseen. for HE IS GOD and He is ALWAYS there… thank you for sharing this beautiful message

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