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Hemochromotosis is a genetic desease that your body does not get rid of Iron. My family all has this gene. Have to be gene ttested to know. If you hve this gene it can cause you to have diabetsis. Have you been gene tested or has your md tested your Iron level…if over 30 ish could be a factor in why you ahve diabetsis.. My brother has had to be bled out for 7 months to lower his level which has also decreased the amount of insulin he has to take…By the time they found this issue his pancreas had been already damaged but Still is a concern..Most Doctors do not check this or know aobut the effects…so be tested. Here is a u tube video explaining this and how it affects you with diabetis..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeRr-S2aWrY

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Thanks for the infromation…I did not know anything about this until now. So thank you! Hugs! Sheila

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