Having Teeth extracted

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Just found out from the dentist that I'm going to have ALL of my upper teeth removed and will need a full upper denture. This announcement has sent me reeling…!
As a diabetic, I realize that we don't heal as quickly as those who aren't diabetics so I'm quite concerned being that I do work with the public.
Can anyone tell me if they have had to go through this and if they did anything to boost their immune system before extractions?
I really didn't think that I would lose my teeth at age 56…as a matter of fact, I thought that when I went to the dentist he would tell me that I needed 3 fillings, and perhaps give me a good scolding for not visiting more often.
He has suggested that I get a deep root scaling on my lower teeth so that I'm able to keep them a bit longer.
So what would you suggest? I'm going in for the impressions on December 17th and I have to admit, I'm really depressed about this.

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lipsie 2009-11-16 06:23:08 -0600 Report

I personally had a longer healing time yeah…but overall did it and it worked out. You must stay calm…your nerves are going to affect your sugars. I ended up with dry sockets which is very painful but I smoked and that was a no no so that's why. If you listen to what they say, you'll be fine!!! Hugs! Sheila