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John Crowley
By John Crowley Latest Reply 2009-11-16 06:19:14 -0600
Started 2009-11-14 11:33:33 -0600

We were so pleased to receive the nominations for individuals and organizations to receive the $250 Visa Gift Card we pledged to help a diabetic in need. We appreciate the thoughtfulness and compassion shown by members of Diabetic Connect.

It was very difficult to decide where the gift could do the most good. In fact, we made the decision to award one $250 gift card to an individual and one $250 to an organization.

The organization we choose is the Divabetics of Greater Cleveland. This great group meets weekly to help women in the Cleveland area to take control of their diabetes. They have run out of their grant money and are struggling to stay funded. We are pleased to help with this gift.

We have chosen Christopher C. who is the brother of Diabetic Connect member adorable007. Christopher is a hard-working father of five who is without insurance. He has struggled to pay for the supplies he needs to control his type 1 diabetes. We hope this gift will help him.

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lipsie 2009-11-16 06:19:14 -0600 Report

Wonderful decision I must say! Some may not feel fair…but I am not even going there now. We found some wonderful people in need and helped them! Thank you!! Sheila

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2009-11-14 13:45:11 -0600 Report


That is wonderful! I know how expensive the diabetic supplies are. I am type 1, and it is rediculous how much everything cost, even the simplist of these supplies are astronomical. And, someone with type I, and five children to support, I just can't imagine! I would be terrified!!! I worry about what would happen if I lost my insurance, or if it stopped paying for some reason. Since, insulin is the only thing that keeps us type I's alive. It is a "VERY" scary thing. We need a lot more supporters for these people. If, I had the money, believe me, I would make donations anywhere I could. You never know when you are going to need help yourself. God Bless, Sue T.

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