Vitamin B Deficiency??

By MarineMomX2 Latest Reply 2009-11-14 23:34:03 -0600
Started 2009-11-13 14:53:33 -0600

Ever feel like you have 'confused' written across your forehead some days??? I'm scheduled to go in Monday for my quarterly bloodwork/doc visit and get my numbers. This morning at 7:30 my doc calls me and said the bloodwork came in and there's a severe Vitamin B deficiency showing up. He began asking all sorts of diet related questions..what I'm eating/not eating. Potatoes of course is not on the list, but bananas, avocados, oats…etc are regular items that should be feeding the Vit. B area and they aren't. Well, I came home and of course started looking up all I could on the subject and found that most of the symptoms are similar to depression and he started treating me for that 4 months ago! Needless to say I now have anotherrrr prescription and he'll do bloodwork again in 2wks, if no improvement he'll start me on shots. Everything I've found says once you start the shots, you don't stop. Has anyone had to deal with this type of deficiency and have any suggestions how they handled it? I'm open to any advice!

Btw..had to ask what my A1C came back as…he said oh, it's great a 6.3! Considerable drop from a 10.2 in July…so maybe I'm doing some things right!!!!

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Kira_xo 2009-11-14 23:34:03 -0600 Report

Hmm I dont know about a Vit. B deficiency, I know I have/had a Vit. D deficiency tho.. Def ask your doctor about taking a supplement of sorts.

GREAT JOB on you A1C tho! Thats a really good improvement!!!

Antique-Dave 2009-11-14 11:20:35 -0600 Report

Met depletes B12, even before my dx of diabetes in March I had started to take a B supplement and noticed a diference in the way I felt.

Since dx I take the super B complex plus the B12, and Biotin. I swear by it. I was beat and depressed before dx but not now, I did also started taking St Johns Wort last month and feel like I've been supercharged since then.

I was a real skeptic before regarding supplements and vitamins but not now

jayabee52 2009-11-13 19:57:56 -0600 Report

Howdy MarineMomX2
I really hate it when I feel dumber than a Box of Rocks!

A1c of 6.3, wonderful! You go girl!

May I ask what RX did he put you on?

Did the Dr give a name for your condition other than "Vitamin B deficiency"?

When I was with my ex, she had a vit B deficiency and was run down, so they gave her a B12 shot. But it wasn't something she had to be on for the rest of her life. Maybe it is something new. If Dr doesn't suggest vit B complex supplimentation, ask why.

I pray you feel better SOON

Harlen 2009-11-13 17:48:15 -0600 Report

If its not one thing it is someting els lol
I take a pill every day for it too.
Hope you feel better soon.
Best wishes

SkipT 2009-11-13 16:31:52 -0600 Report

Vitamin B deficiency is very common in diabetics. Especially biotin. I take a supplemental tablet every day. Check with your doctor and see what he thinks about you takings a B complex table. One word of warning. Most doctors don't like to tell you to take vitamins. They will tell you the medicine that they prescribe is better. The final decision will have to be up to you.