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Robert C. H.
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I recently got out of the hosp. I was in because I have an Ileostomy and it became blocked, after six days of ice chips only I finally got unplugged, but what I am concerned about is when they sent me home they gave as instructions a very low fiber diet, But the morning the Dr. came in and told me I could go home, He suggested that I increase my fiberMetamuscil to five times a day. I have three major areas I have Heart, type 2 Diabetes, an an Ileostomy,and all three diets contradict each other, why don't they take these other areas in consideration when they suggest a diet, My GP said throw the diet out, and eat what I normaly eat, Has anyone else run into this situation?

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MHarris4now 2009-11-14 11:16:54 -0600 Report

It is a bit troubling for me to decide which diet I need to follow. I am a type2 diabetic with high blood pressure. When I was diagnosed in May of 08, I was not given specific guidelines to follow. I did attend a dibetes class and learned very little due to class size and time constrictions.
I agree that doctors need to get together and tell us which is the most important diet to follow. It seems that it's truly up to us to decide which is right for our own needs.
It has been suggested to me that I should stop doing what I'm doing and follow a Vegan diet. I will lose more weight with this Vegan diet and blood glucose levels will begin to normalize.
I do hope you find the answer to which area is most important and that you don't have to live in that frustrated zone of "should I eat this?" or "should I eat that?"

cussinwolf 2009-11-13 11:03:03 -0600 Report

You need to get your docs together and question them. The fiber in Metamucil like meds is different from the stuff that can block the flow from your stoma. My serious advice is talk to your GI doc about the diet. Seems to me if you go back to eating the way you were that you could end up hospitalized again with a blockage.

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