Got my test results back.

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Well I went to my first doctors appointment a few days ago. It took them a bit longer to get my results back due to the storms we are having over on the east coast. But I finally got a call today. He said I def have diabetes [we already knew that] My blood sugar at the time of testing and fasting was 224. He said everything else looked fine except my cholesterol, which is 233! Wow! I explained to him that I've been testing, eating along the guidelines of a diabetic diet, and exercising all week yet I am having a VERY hard time getting my numbers below 200. It honestly seems I could eat a whole grain bread crumb and still have a high reading. So he put me on metformin 500 mg twice a day. Hopefully this will help. He seems pretty confident I will do fine and get myself back in shape. He told me I am way too young to be getting such high readings [in the 300's-350's] but thinks I will be able to manage everything just fine in time.

Soo yupp! I will start taking the metformin tomorrow and go about my "new" daily routine.

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vyoung 2009-11-19 01:02:39 -0600 Report

I was just diagnosed also, we sound soooo similar, my cholesterol is 280… I am on all the meds, etc.. I hope the new diet and everything helps, I have to be honest and say I am nervous… I am also on metaformin, it doesn't seem to be bothering me. I wish you great luck, and it was really nice finding someone else new and close to my health numbers and such:) Thank you:) Take care of you:)

Kira_xo 2009-11-20 19:38:02 -0600 Report

Thank you! Good luck to you as well! Hopefully with the meds and dieting we will both be on the way to healthy!

imsuzie2 2009-11-13 04:04:35 -0600 Report

Kira, you definitely have the right attitude. And, with GiGi in your corner, how could you not do it? And, the rest of us are here too. S2

Judimar 2009-11-13 03:49:50 -0600 Report

Hey Kira!

Just keep doing what you're doing and remember it will take a little time for your body to adjust to the medication. Hopefully you'll see some results in a week or two.

We're here for you!



Kira_xo 2009-11-12 18:38:01 -0600 Report

Thank you everyone! GigiB that is really awesome! And yes I am staying very positive about the whole situation. In fact, I'm actually really happy. It's like, now I know whats wrong with me and I know what I have to do to fix it. I'm actually really excited to be changing my life around right now with a new diet and exercise routine. I am hoping that I will lose a good amount of weight as well since I am considered obese. I want to be able to run around and keep up with my son when he starts walking instead of being out of breath just walking up the stairs!

GiGiB 2009-11-12 19:24:24 -0600 Report

That is great to hear! I know you will do really well. All my life doctors told me I could not lose weight. I am on the insulin pump now and lost 40 pounds. I lowered my cholesterol from 280 down to 191. I tell people, if I can do it, anyone can. You go gurl!!!!! :0)


Pam S
Pam S 2009-11-12 18:25:37 -0600 Report

I wish you the best with your diagnoses…I was diagnosed a type 1…i am getting ready to start the pump (metformin made me sick) but that was when they said I was a type 2…hahahah…nope…Type 1…I've been to every doctor in town to be sure including a few specialists…I still get some wicked high numbers and some wicked lows (I had a 48 tonight) but I've been lower…My A1C is still high…not a happy camper…but I keep pushing forward :)…Take Care

Pam S

Piper5 2009-11-19 00:14:29 -0600 Report

Lows are not fun. I've been diabetic now long enough that I don't feel lows. My last "bad" low was a 27. EMT's were called. Since I've been on my pump, my lowest has been 71. Whewwww. Thank goodness for my pump.

GiGiB 2009-11-19 00:38:21 -0600 Report

Hi Piper
Same thing happens to me still. My really bad lows I don't feel. Before my pump, I too, had lows like that. Thank goodness for the pump!!

GiGiB 2009-11-12 17:29:36 -0600 Report

I am a type 1 & have been for 37 years. I am very proactive with my diabetes and do lots and lots of research. Different types of carbs with make your bloodsugars jump. So what may seem harmless to you may cause a rise in your sugars. Also, drastic fluctuation in blood sugars can cause high cholesterol. If you can, pay attention to your body's reaction to foods - make a log and test a lot! The more blood sugar numbers you know, the more you can be in control. I went from blood sugars averaging 200+ with an A1C of 8.9 to now average blood sugars of 80 to 90 with an A1C of 4.2. Keep up that positive attitude you seem to have and you can do it! :0)


Harlen 2009-11-12 18:28:39 -0600 Report

WOW Gigi that's just fab wow keep up the grate work wow
I am hoping to get there
down to 6.6 and it will get better
Best wishes

GiGiB 2009-11-12 19:26:55 -0600 Report

Hi Harlen,
Thank you! My BG's were so out of control and my parents were frightened of me dying from a heart attack. While stationed in Puerto Rico - I had a big wake up call and just decided to do it. Thank you for the positive feedback!

GiGi :0)

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