how long do you go without eating?

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I was just wondering, how long do you normally go during the day, until you eat again? I have found over this past year, since diagnosis, that in the mornings/early afternoon I need to eat about every 2.5 hours. I don't eat big meals, so I have a snack between b'fast and lunch, and one between lunch and supper but I have noticed I can go longer later in the afternoons with no problem.I do know we aren't to go 5 hours without eating, that is what they told me in class. Of course, I can go all night long without a problem so I am glad for that.

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CaliKo 2010-09-20 13:06:25 -0500 Report

I don't go longer than 3 hours on purpose, but occasionally forget to eat if I get busy in the afternoons. Usually somewhere in the fourth hour I start feeling it and have to eat. If it takes me too long to get dinner on the table in the evenings, I start getting crabby!

Gemm 2010-09-20 12:02:05 -0500 Report

I find I can usually go a bit longer in the mornings and less so in the late afternoon and evenings but roughly about every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs between meal-lettes (small meals rather than large ones and snacks lol) which works well for me — most of the time though some days my BG levels are just totally erratic no matter what I do. Doc told me though that it may take some time to get them really even as I'm still in the flux stage between critical hypoglycemia and diabetes (whatever that really meant) though he said I'm actually closer to total diabetes (wish I really understood all that better). I use 3 of my meal- letts to get most of my protein and grains (always whole grains) and 3 to get the total servings of fruits and vegetables I need that I don't get with the other 3 though I get at least 1 serving of either fruits/vegetables at each of the 6, and at least 2 dairy (low-fat) everyday as well. I've been using a guide our doctor gave to my husband last fall when he started in on the insulin test/study group he is in (that's been extended too for another year) as a basic guide. It seems to be working for us — using both carb-counting and watching the total calories within a balance diet and also reducing portion sizes (probably our biggest challenge other than my husband's sugar-addiction that he is really working on).

Harlen 2009-11-11 09:42:49 -0600 Report

2.5 to 3 Hr works for me unless I go in for a big meal then I dont eat the rest of the day
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