You Have To Be Your Own Analyst

Father Fred
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“Diet and exercise” is the catch phrase that the doctors throw at you. You have to change the way you diet and exercise. This requires breaking old habits and is like quitting smoking or drinking. It takes “Determination, Perseverance and Will Power”. It also takes “Time and Money”.

You go out and buy a meter and start taking your blood glucose (BG) readings several times a day. What good is that data? Very little. You start keeping a record of what and when you eat. What good is that data? Very little.

Combine those two data and analyze what causes your BG levels to rise. You may identify foods you should avoid. You can make choices on what you eat but you need to know what affects you.

We each have a pancreas that helps control our BG levels. Each of our pancreas functions differently and has different capacity depending on age, weight and life style. The bad news is that as we get older its ability to control BG levels reduces. There may come a time when “Diet and Exercise” will no longer work and we have to take medication.

“Determination, Perseverance and Will Power” Get a note book and record every thing you eat, when you started eating and when you quit. Record all snacks and meals. Record the times and reading of all BG levels. Then analyze the data and change your eating habits.

“Time and Money” Then analyze the data and change your eating habits. No doctor is going to spend more than a few minutes looking at your data. But you need to spend hours generating and analyzing the information.

To help you organize and analyze your data, John Crowley has made the following links available to each of you. I greatly appreciate John's efforts.

The "official" Diabetic Connect Blood Sugar Log;

Father Fred's Blood Sugar Spreadsheets:

Fred Munzlinger
Tell me you are rededicating youself to be your own analyst

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MarineMomX2 2009-11-10 20:48:33 -0600 Report

True, the doctors can only suggest what you can do, but they aren't the one doing it…you are. Till we take the time and effort to find how our body responds to food and medication nothing will change. Determination, perserverance and will power are important words, and I like them!

Father Fred
Father Fred 2009-11-11 17:39:13 -0600 Report

It is hard and people new to type II diabetis need to understand that it takes work on their part. Changing old habits is like quitting smoking. People need motovation and advice.
Keep up the good work
Fred Munzlinger

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