My feet are swelled

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My feet and legs are swelled is this normal ? they are cold to touch. I just joined this site. Please someone help me. Thank You

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dj7110 2009-11-10 15:19:19 -0600 Report

your feet are very important to take care of.. mine get swelled bad from time to time. My dr gave me a prescription to lasix (a fluid pill) which i take on worse times. I also try to stay off them and keep them elevated asmuch as possible when swelled bad. You don't want to them off too long without seeing a dr if they don't get better on their own. The burning in my feet when they swell is no longer there as the feeling in my feet has diminished quite a bit. This is due to a condition the drs told me was neuropathy which happens to dibetics. A nurologist can check for this. Best wishes and hope things improve for ya soon, David

ptsparkle 2009-11-10 10:00:50 -0600 Report

Good advice from previous three posters. Depending on how long your feet have been cold to the touch, could signify a circulation problem. My feet and legs(lower) get really cold to the touch a bunch of times throughout the year, but I have good circulation.I had testing with the leg cuffs and treadmill to verify that. If it continues, a trip to the Dr. is a must. Good luck, let us know.

Hinboyz3 2009-11-10 07:39:34 -0600 Report

I would say it depends if you've been on your feet a lot in the day, and your tired now. So maybe when you sit down just take off your shoes and put your feet up and try to relax.

BIRDY 2009-11-10 06:27:04 -0600 Report

Hi ,

Would it help you if you put your feet in a warm and salty water for an hour? So far I know this is a very relaxing method if you are so tired and feet have acke.

hbkunkel 2009-11-10 06:03:24 -0600 Report

I get those same things from time to time. It is usually when I have over done and have really been super busy and on my feet a great deal of the day. Relax in the evening with the legs propped up and that seems to help. Also if it continues call your doctor for his advice and help. By the way, welcome to the site.

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