Alkaline Water Myth

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Since I saw a post by someone who claimed alkaline water *cured* her diabetes, I thought I would post this as a response. Really, if it were that easy wouldn't we all be doing it? Wouldn't her 800# have a constant busy signal? Beware the MLM marketer my community friends.

The primary claim is that drinking 'alkaline ionized water' will help flush out 'harmful acidic' wastes and thereby help cure and prevent disease. However, the spiel also claims that 'alkaline water' will help cure everything from cancer to gout to diabetes.

Are any of these claims true?

Sadly, they are at best 'junk science' and at worst, especially where promoters are making money out of this medical/scientific myth, fraudulent. The scam is supported by a handful of self-proclaimed health 'experts' who should know better. Further investigation reveals that many so-called 'experts' recommending water ionizers have no formal scientific qualifications that would qualify them as 'experts' to comment on the complex field of human bio-chemistry.

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Elfin 2008-07-08 04:34:34 -0500 Report

This just emphasizes the fact that we have to take charge of our disease(s). That means not just buying in to "magic bullets" that make unbelievable claims. If anyone had a "universal cure" for everything from allergies to…oh! I can't think of anything beginning with Z (:-( they would be world famous. AS it is snake oil merchants are infamous. Let's be careful and do our research. If anyone is trying to SELL "magic bullets, universal cures or snake oil" on this site, I would not only be wary but hope all of us would maark it as inappropriate. We have enough believable treatments etc. to try as we make our way through the maze of diabetes.

butterfly_8 2008-07-08 04:58:26 -0500 Report

I agree completely with everything you said. I was conned immediately after ai was diagnosed. I saw an advertisement for instant high cholestrol relief.I ordered never recieved. Luckuly got my money back through credit card company. (Amex) Never again.

jupton1 2008-07-07 11:12:58 -0500 Report

PS.I did some checking on this product,there is no proof of any kind that this product is a cure for the World or of any sort.Its sad when people try to scam sick folks that are desperate for a cure..This is my view,BEWARE OF THE QUICK FIX,ALSO I WOULD LIKE TO CAUTION PEOPLE,THERE IS A PERSON TRYING TO SELL THIS PRODUCT ON THIS SITE.I care about all of my friends on here and felt I should bring this up…JU

Dancehawk 2008-07-07 10:33:32 -0500 Report

Sounds like a snake oil…

Nope we will stick with food, vit, herbs, what meds we have to take, and good old fashion hugs from friends.
This combo is working for us!


Anonymous 2008-07-07 08:29:38 -0500 Report

I agree I was contacted by a member who claimed her family was cured by this product,I spent half the night trying to find some sort of truth.What I found was 2 or 3 web sites trying to sell this product none of which had any proof…