Who has had H1N1?

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Has anyone on the community contracted H1N1? Wondering more about your experience.

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cussinwolf 2009-11-10 17:04:03 -0600 Report

Get the damned shot! I have had a grandchild in ICU for over 2 weeks now. She got sick before the vaccine was released. We still do not know if she will make it. You want me to post the picture of a seven year old on a ventilator ? Tube down her throat? Tube down her nose? Have you heard any RELIABLE reports of vaccine problems? I nearly lost my son to the old DPT shot over 30 years old so we are pretty savvy when it comes to vaccines. We would take our chances on that little bit of mercury compound rather than have her in the state she is in.
EVERYONE in our family has had the shots. STOP being IDIOTS!!!!!

salmanda 2009-11-10 19:22:47 -0600 Report

I am so sorry about your grandchild being so sick. I pray that she recovers soon. I am going to get the H1N1 vaccine as soon as it is available to me. I hope it is before I contract it because that scares the hell out of me.
You and your granddaughter are in my thoughts and prayers.

ancoto 2009-11-10 16:33:18 -0600 Report

My husband had it and me and my children started showing signs so the doctor put us on meds right away the kids had to stay home for a week just to make sure we didn't spred it.

ancoto 2009-11-11 09:01:25 -0600 Report

My childern and I had appointments for our shots however the clinic cancled them because they ran out of the vaccine otherwise I get a flu shot every year.

dj7110 2009-11-09 09:20:30 -0600 Report

just got over flu.. daughter came home sick from school couple weeks ago than i came down with it that monday..lasted about a week.. lost close to 20lbs over the deal.. which may be a good thing.. sugars been pretty high too.. had avg over 300 last week despite not eating much. but feeling much better and as normal as i was before.. Take care, david

forrest3s 2009-11-05 21:48:36 -0600 Report

My husbands cousin and her daughter just had it. They re doing fine now. They said it felt like a regular flu but their head hurt a lot.

Crashnot 2009-11-05 16:31:57 -0600 Report

We're dealing with two "probable" cases right now with my 3 & 5 year old kids. Also "remarkably brief" bouts according to the doctor this afternoon. Charge it up to using lots of Vitamin D I guess?

Anyway, we've had a 1-day, 100-degree fever and lots of sleeping, then back to normal but with a cough that is being monitored. Nothing too impressive so far. A little diahrrea and a moderate amount of coughing.

10% of my son's schoolmates were out with something on Tuesday, so mmaking the rounds here. Nothing bad enough to actually test for, although a friend who works in the kid's IC at the hospital says every child who is there with Swine Flu also has an underlying health problem like kidneys, that seems to have led to the flu hitting them harder.

Lovepo 2009-11-05 14:00:33 -0600 Report

So far,we have not gotten it,but my granddaughter had it last week. I didn't go around her because I did not want to get it. I get so afraid when I go to my doctors appointments because people may be sitting in the waiting room with the flu. I got my regular flu shot,so I am good on that.

HaydenBamaFan 2009-11-05 10:08:43 -0600 Report

Before you take the H1N1 shot you better look whats in the shot first(mercury for one) and look how long they took to study it!
I'm not taking the H1N1 shot but did take the regular flu shot and i did have H1N1 flu but got over it only difference from regular flu is you have real bad headaches

kdroberts 2009-11-05 10:18:52 -0600 Report

Just to keep things factual rather than rumors.

1. There are 7 possible vaccinations made by 4 different companies, 3 contain a mercury derivative, not mercury itself. I have not seen anywhere actually use the 3 that contain it. The 3 that contain it are made by 3 different companies and are vials that are used for multiple doses rather than the single shot ones.
2. It's been tested the exact same amount as the regular flu shot has.
3. If they had isolated the H1N1 strain about 2 weeks earlier it would have been included in the seasonal vaccine.
4. Essentially it is EXACTLY the same as the seasonal shot and has gone through the exact same steps that had to go through.

If you are making the decision not to have the vaccine then at least make sure you are basing that decision on facts rather than hearsay and media hype.

TRKnight2007 2009-11-05 12:36:04 -0600 Report

kd - thanks for the clarification. my question isn't really whether anyone has had or should or shouldn't have the vaccination - - - i'm more wondering if anyone in the community has contracted h1n1 (swine flu).

keep 'em coming gang.

salmanda 2009-11-05 16:59:34 -0600 Report

Thanks kd for the information. It is nice to know what's what. I had the swine flu vaccine in the 70's. I am hoping that will help until I can get the current one. I am planning on getting it because I have diabetes and MS. Getting the swine flu is scary to me.

HaydenBamaFan 2009-11-08 22:31:25 -0600 Report

It wasn't hearsay my nurse at UAB Kirkland Clinic in Al. a research hospital told me what i wrote.And she nor my Dr. have had the shot (1)not studied long enough (2) produced in a short time period (3) has mercury in it.

kdroberts 2009-11-09 08:43:09 -0600 Report

That's fine, but those 3 things are not fact. If they feel it's not studied long enough then they should not get ANY flu shot because they are all studied the same amount and produced in the same time period as the H1N1. About a month clinical trials and a total of about 5 months from finding the strain to it being on the shelf. H1N1 was officially confirmed in the US mid April and since the H1N1 is produced in exactly the same way as any other flu vaccine that puts the standard 5 month development time at the middle of September. There is no problem with the timings.

The mercury is an easy thing to see is not true because the ingredient list for all of the vaccinations has no mercury listed in it. 3 have thimerosal in it which is about 49% ethylmercury which is a mercury compound.


Panic and hearsay isn't just exclusively for non-medical people, nurses and doctors can buy into it as well. If you don't want it that's fine. My doctor said if I have concerns just wait until the first wave of vaccinations go out to see what happens. So far that seems to be nothing different to the regular shot.

Timothy James
Timothy James 2009-11-10 16:15:16 -0600 Report

Kdroberts makes some excellent points, so I won't bother repeating them except to say that while yes, there is a small amount of mercury-derivative in some formulations, the actual amount of mercury in the vaccine is less than you would be exposed to by eating a can of tuna fish.

Also, it's important to note the H1N1 is not just the regular flu with bad headaches. It is a particularly virulent organism that has the potential to do great harm to those in high risk groups. For this virus, children and pregnant women, in addition to those with pre-existing health conditions (us!) are at increased risk of severe pneumonia and even death.

sweething 2009-11-05 08:55:40 -0600 Report

One of my doctors says not to worry, get the immunization if you can, but I should have some immunities left from the 70s. I had a swine flu injection in 75 or 76 whichever it was. When you had to read and sign a release, the government was so unsure of it. But I completed that year of nursing school, in contact with a lot of people, and didn't get swine flu. I've also read that there are some immunities floating around in me, just by having lived during the time I have. On the other hand, my grandfather died of the terrible flu in 1918, which sets me thinking.

HaydenBamaFan 2009-11-05 10:01:52 -0600 Report

I have had H1N1 and i went back to my dr. for blood test and thats when i found out i had diabetes.The H1N1 shots have mercury in them and could cause trouble down the road so i didn't take one,but i did take the regular flu shot.

Hinboyz3 2009-11-05 07:57:06 -0600 Report

My family hasn't had it, I'm just waiting to see how everything goes I guess. Lot's of friends and family's with children say they are not getting it either.

London 2009-11-05 00:52:06 -0600 Report

I have not had the shot nor my kids. My aunt is the charge nurse at Toledo and she says no way will she get it. There was a girl who got it and it paralyze her to the neck down.

LoriAnne 2009-11-04 19:41:08 -0600 Report

I had to be hospitalized last week for a couple of days. I asked the nurse what she thought about the H1N1 and is she going to get it. She said NO. I just don't feel it has been tested enough for safety's sake. From what I was also told they don't really have a test to test for H1N1, they use the regular flu test. You know they are differences in the flu and H1N1, they have to be or they could use the meds they use to treat the "flu". I will get my flu shot and my son, my husband is up in the air on it. But I think we will pass on the H1N1

kdroberts 2009-11-04 20:24:46 -0600 Report

They do a lab test to identify the strain of flu you have if they think it's needed. Also, the H1N1 vaccine has been tested exactly the same way as every seasonal flu shot is. It's as safe as any of them.

Amy Tenderich
Amy Tenderich 2009-11-04 18:46:14 -0600 Report

I just had mine today. I've got a sore shoulder, but otherwise all is well. Feeling "safer" now...

Florian 2009-11-04 19:04:37 -0600 Report

I haven't gotten it yet but I'm waiting. I think I'm so far down on the list that it might be until next spring that I get the shot. My family tells me not to worry that at my age I'm probably immune to the bacteria and viruses that dinosaurs carried. Thanks family.

I did get the regular flu shot with no reaction, not even a sore arm. I don't expect any problems with the H1N1 shot. Be well, get active, stay healthy and get your flu shot so you can celebrate World Diabetes Day on Nov 14.

kdroberts 2009-11-04 17:22:24 -0600 Report

Three of my extended family have and are fine, 2 children and their mother. Apparently my wife had it but it wasn't lab tested and she wasn't really that sick so I don't think she really did and the doctor was just guessing.

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