Seizures/ Concussion

By Turtle Latest Reply 2009-11-06 22:17:37 -0600
Started 2009-11-01 21:03:02 -0600

Hi everyone. I had some really bad seizures last night and got a concussion and my surgical knee hurts really bad. My memory is shot and my body hurts. I have to wear my helmet all the time now cuz my dr said if I hit my head again with a fall, I would half to wear it all the time except In bed.

I feel awful and my mind feels like mush.

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Turtle 2009-11-06 22:17:37 -0600 Report

Thank you every one for your caring support. I take my meds and wear my helmet. I think that being ill so much is hard on me and taking it's toll. Illness is a trigger for me. I am epileptic and on meds.

God Bless,

mamaoak 2009-11-02 17:24:10 -0600 Report

Oh turtel sorry to here about your seizures. take care of your self. hope you get this under control soon.

ptsparkle 2009-11-02 10:26:18 -0600 Report

Sorry for your troubles. Hope they get those seizures under control and you do better. Until then, wear that helmet. If the Dr. or nurses give you any lip…just ram them with your head…you are protested!! lol. Get better soon.

hbkunkel 2009-11-02 08:11:40 -0600 Report

Good morning Turtle,
Things don't seem to good for you these days:(. Hopefully the dr. can better regulate you and get you feeling more like your old self. Thankfully you are no longer living alone and at least this place has people to watch out for you. Take good care of yourself and keep us posted as to how things are going.

imsuzie2 2009-11-02 06:17:01 -0600 Report

Hey Turtle…I worry those nurses aren't giving you your meds correctly since the seizures are happening so much since the move. Please be careful. Hugs S2

Hinboyz3 2009-11-02 06:11:11 -0600 Report

Goodmorning Turtle, I hope that these few lines find you doing better today, and I pray that you have a full recovery and are back to yourself very very soon. Take care of yourself.

Tia Shirley
Tia Shirley 2009-11-02 03:26:43 -0600 Report

So sorry to hear that you are going through the seizures. Wear the helmet even if it feels awkward so you can protect yourself. Take care and God bless.

jayabee52 2009-11-01 22:03:13 -0600 Report

I am truly sorry to hear that Turtle. That must have been really scary. Please, wear that helmet. I don't want to see you hurt.

Elrond 2009-11-01 21:44:19 -0600 Report

Does your doctor have you on meds to help prevent the seizures? I had a series of seizures so my doctor finally started me on topiramate. It's helped a lot. Also, I found that my seizures were triggered by low sugar. I'm not epileptic, though, these were diabetic seizures. They certainly weren't any fun; at one time, I broke most of the toes on my left foot and I have arthritis there now because of it. Just continue taking care of yourself because we all care about you. Check in often because if we don't hear from you, we'll worry. Take care.

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