Big Blue Test on World Diabetes Day

John Crowley
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As you may or may not realize, November is an important time for diabetes. The month is designated as American Diabetes Month. And the International Diabetes Foundation has designated November 14th as World Diabetes Day.

Here’s a sobering statistic from the IDF: Every 10 seconds someone dies from diabetes. Every 10 seconds two people develop diabetes.

The need to raise awareness about diabetes is greater than ever. We encourage you to do what you can to get involved and help your community to raise awareness. The World Diabetes Day website has some great ideas:

The online diabetes community (including our site and others) is organizing a big event on November 14. It’s called the Big Blue Test. The idea is that on November 14 at 2:00 p.m. local time, you test your blood sugar, then exercise for 14 minutes, then test your blood sugar again. After you’re done with your second test, please visit this page to report your results.

We’re hoping this event will help generate awareness of the importance of blood sugar testing and exercise in helping diabetics effectively manage their blood sugars. Plus, it will be a lot of fun to think of all our diabetes friends out there doing the same thing.

Let us know if you have any questions about our World Diabetes Day events.

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Father Fred
Father Fred 2009-10-31 15:36:09 -0500 Report

Hello John;
My experience with exercise has been inconclusive. At times I take my BG reading before exercising at the gym or playing ping pong. Usually my BG reading drops after exercise but only 5 to 7 points. Sometimes it ever rises 2 to 4 points. You may be surprised with the results of the Big Blue tests.
Fred Munzlinger

hbkunkel 2009-10-30 18:23:07 -0500 Report

Where can we get materials such as ribbons, pins, or anything to promote diabetes awareness month. The Big Blue test will be interesting but I want something more here in the USA. Thanks.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-10-30 14:29:17 -0500 Report

Here at the home offices of Alliance Health, we had a stark reminder of how pervasive this disease is just this week. One of the members of our sales team came to me on Wednesday morning and told me that he was afraid he might have diabetes. Because of working here, he was aware of the warning signs. We talked about his symptoms and then got out a glucose meter we have here at the office. After a few hours and three blood glucose tests, I made my own unofficial diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and told him to get a doctor’s appointment.

He has seen a doctor already and is awaiting his test results. But he’s already making the lifestyle changes needed to get his blood sugar under control. He ate a much healthier lunch on Thursday and his blood sugar was much better.