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When I was admitted for hives my Dr. did an A1c count and it was 6.6% (152) he said I had type 1. My whole family has type1 but isn't just one test a little jumping the gun? My readings are from anywhere 100 and have never gotten over 150 but I am on strict diet for diabetics.

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Brenda Stanley
Brenda Stanley 2009-11-01 00:21:00 -0500 Report

I also have been recently diagnosed as a type 2 diabetes. I just got over a year fighting cancer and now have to add diabetes to my list. I have gained 40 pounds this year and am not sure why. I thought that being a diabetes would cause me to lose weight. Do you find that this is common?

Amy Tenderich
Amy Tenderich 2009-10-29 14:57:17 -0500 Report

Hi All,

It's not the A1C that determines which type of diabetes you have. Rather, it's whether your pancreas seems to be making any insulin on its own anymore.

Type 1 is an autoimmune disease in which people generally need insulin injections right away in order to stay alive. Otherwise they would essentially starve to death because the body can no longer convert food into energy.

Confused: what were your symptoms at diagnosis? Besides hives? Had you lost a lot of weight recently? Was your vision blurry?

If you want to know for sure which type of diabetes you have, there's an antibody test your Dr can order for you that checks whether you have autoimmune issues going on.

More on the two types of diabetes is available here:


lipsie 2009-10-31 00:09:36 -0500 Report

Great information Amy! I have often wonder how they tell the difference for sure! Thanks! Sheila

lipsie 2009-10-29 13:00:57 -0500 Report

Yeah, does not sound like Type 1 to me either, I would seek a second opinion. Good luck, let us know how it goes, good luck…Hugs! Sheila

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-10-29 09:58:59 -0500 Report

So a 6.6% A1c is certainly "high" for a non-diabetic. But for a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic 6.6 would be surprisingly low.

And if you're truly type 1 and not using insulin, there's no way your highest reading could be under 150. Even if you're eating no carbs at all.

It's possible your doctor took a look at your family history and an A1c that's out of the "non-diabetic" range and decided there must be something. It is certainly deserving of more testing and monitoring to see what's going on.

One question is what time(s) of day are you testing your blood sugar and seeing the 100 to 150 range? If that's a fasting number, it certainly tells us something different than if you're testing throughout the day and seeing those same numbers.

London 2009-10-29 10:36:08 -0500 Report

These are numbers through out the day. Mainly 1 hr before I eat. I have done trial food like white bread, pizza, etc. and the highest on them are 144 right after I eat. My doctor told me the readings should be under 110 first thing in the morning but usually they are around 120. I do not have further testing for 4 months.

London 2009-10-29 10:49:18 -0500 Report

Also he told me I could control it by diet but wouldn't that be considered T2. I am totally new to this, kind of hit me like a brick. My doc is known for being a big stickler on things. Also, 3 months before this my obgyn said I had polycystic ovarion syndrome and I have found info regarding that could be a warning sign of diabetes. Do you know any info regarding this? Thank You so much for your help.

kdroberts 2009-10-29 11:21:39 -0500 Report

If that's the case I would say that there is little chance you are type 1 and you are probably insulin resistant due to the PCOS. That would explain your numbers. Have you discussed metformin with your OBGYN?

London 2009-10-29 13:56:02 -0500 Report

No I have not. Thank you though for the suggestion I will bring it up to him. I should add my family doctor specializes in diabetes but I'm always thinking in the back of my head "what if he's wrong" I'm sure he probably ran all the test needed to see what type I am but I'm definately going to look more into the PCOS Thank you so much for feedback, all the info I can get is a blessing!

Hinboyz3 2009-10-29 08:52:52 -0500 Report

Im with the other friends you should get a second opinion before jumping the gun. And the diet your on should help out a whole lot. Good luck your friends here are holding your hands, don't worrie too much.

kdroberts 2009-10-29 07:27:52 -0500 Report

What other tests did your doctor do? Is it possible that there were a bunch done but you just weren't told about them? It doesn't quite add up though, especially if you are not taking insulin.

London 2009-10-29 10:39:57 -0500 Report

This is why I'm confused. When I was in the hospital he did AN A1c which read 6.6% The meds they had me on raised my sugar to 288 but was told that was just from the meds. My fasting bs was 112 and he told me to watch my diet. 1 month later he tells me I'm type 1. Is there a specific way in which they can tell what type you are? I know my dad,grandma,aunts they are all T1.

kdroberts 2009-10-29 11:19:47 -0500 Report

With type 1 you test positive for certain autoimmune antibodies. Type 2 is more tricky because there isn't a test that will tell you if you are type 2.

London 2009-11-02 21:52:28 -0600 Report

You are exactly right. Went to the Dr. today only to be told you have T2. Maybe he was having an off day when he said T1. That's a big mistake to make. He had me all confused.

Crashnot 2009-10-29 06:20:00 -0500 Report

If you're a T1 your fasting blood sugar, done with a simple finger stick, should be through the roof. It sounds like you're more likely type 2 if you can continue to eat without putting yourself into a coma.

hbkunkel 2009-10-29 06:18:03 -0500 Report

I think you need to have more test done before your Dr. proclaims T1. Yes you are a diabetic but how does know which type? Good luck.

hbkunkel 2009-10-29 06:18:03 -0500 Report

I think you need to have more test done before your Dr. proclaims T1. Yes you are a diabetic but how does know which type? Good luck.

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