wow...didn't expect this number!

By Darly Latest Reply 2009-10-30 13:54:21 -0500
Started 2009-10-24 21:48:46 -0500

I had a test strip left from an old meter,forgot it was in there,only about 1 month old. I decided to see how my BS level was doing at about 5:45pm. I could not believe it was 184!! I had nothing to eat since about 3:00 which was a piece of 12 grain toast,lil butter,and a hot chocolate. That was almost 3 hours before this. The only beverage I had was 3 sips of ginger ale from my son to swallow my pills…this was very surprising to me.

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LoriAnne 2009-10-27 21:38:48 -0500 Report

My diabetic counselor said I need to count the calories they are just as important as the carbs. She said for me to have 45 carbs per meal, that is 3 meals and a small snack before bed. She has me on 1600 calories, and 45 cards per meal . She said it is consistency that keeps the blood sugar as normal as possible.

Darly 2009-10-30 13:54:21 -0500 Report

Thank you LoriAnne. The part about being consistent is very hard for me. This is no excuse I know but I have no income right now,get food stamps every month and find it very hard to be able to eat right and have enough food to last the month. I know I have to start to be more careful. It would help if I had a Doctor who actually diagnosed me as being diabetic,as I have had many,many fasting morning BS levels that exceeded the 125 level as being diagnosed. The Doctor I just started seeing (on the 7th) saw the logs of my readings from my therapist/NP, also the readings from over a week before i saw him, he said it looks like your borderline and have insulin resistance. I had the BS fasting done at lab,came back at 121,just happened to be in lower range that day. I am hoping when I see him on the 9th he will be able to give me a script for testing supplies and some kind of diabetes education class. Thank you for your input!


alanbossman 2009-10-26 19:54:40 -0500 Report

Hi Darly, I dont mean to be a downer but most test strips are good for 1 year. Also hot chocolate is high in sugar, and milk has sugar, even 12 grain bread has some also.
But been high is not good.hope next is better

Darly 2009-10-30 13:46:27 -0500 Report

Hi alanbossam~you are not being a downer,just being honest which is what I like. I just realized not too long ago that milk had sugar in it,did not know 12 grain bread did either! Thank you for your input.


tabby9146 2009-10-26 19:04:45 -0500 Report

mercy. I am wondering if you meant regular hot chocolate, if so, then even with a 'new' test strip, it can go that high and stay high a long time. But if it was sugar free that you had, and the time frame too, I would say it was definitely the old test strip.

Darly 2009-10-30 13:43:40 -0500 Report

Hi tabby9146, I was talking about a regular 6 oz. cup of hot chocolate. I didn't know that would raise my BS level that high,and,stay high for almost 3 hours later. Thank you for your input.


Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2009-10-25 15:00:39 -0500 Report

When I get a reading in the 180s, I feel like I am doing good since mine has been running in the 200 and 300s. Talk about scary, now that is scary, and I am on the pump!

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2009-10-25 16:09:44 -0500 Report

I noticed that when I put to much blood on the strip my BG is high. But if I put a smaller amount as the manual says I get a lower reasding. so make sure you follow what the manual states. Dan

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2009-10-25 16:30:08 -0500 Report

Thanks Daniel: I will have to take a look at my book and see if it says anything about that. My monitor is connected to my pump.

BLC 2009-10-25 18:19:14 -0500 Report

Sue I go through the same thing everyday. Mine is normally in the 300s. I was on the pump for a year and had the same results. I gave that up and am back on shots.

Hinboyz3 2009-10-25 14:43:23 -0500 Report

I too had a similar problem this morning. I applied my blood to the strip, but it wasn't enough so I added a little more and the number was so high. I decided to retest with a new test strip, the number was just fine. Wow was that scary!!! That's really something to think about old test strips, not enough blood on the strip! We really have to be careful

mamaoak 2009-10-25 14:27:13 -0500 Report

hi darly glad to hear your geting a new meter watch the hotcholate unless you make it bye scratch your self. just remember milk has a lot of sugar in it as well. take care of your self.

Harlen 2009-10-25 12:11:31 -0500 Report

Hope your ok hon dont stress out over it
keep testing and you will learn what makes you high
best wishes

hbkunkel 2009-10-25 09:32:44 -0500 Report

Darlene, Old test strips, stress, lots of things can make you go high. Watch what you eat and drink more carefully and you should be fine.
Love, Betsie

hbkunkel 2009-10-25 09:32:43 -0500 Report

Darlene, Old test strips, stress, lots of things can make you go high. Watch what you eat and drink more carefully and you should be fine.
Love, Betsie

Darly 2009-10-25 11:21:46 -0500 Report

This was one of the test strips still in vial that a friend had given me about 3 weeks ago,still in vial tightly capped. I agree about the stress,was very stressed out yesterday. I never knew that stress could make BS levels go so high…thank you for bringing that up Betsie!

Turtle 2009-10-25 00:47:53 -0500 Report

That is an old strip and not reliable so you should test again with your newer meter and a good strip.

Darly 2009-10-25 11:27:34 -0500 Report

You are right Turtle. Thanks to a member here at DC, I will be receiving a new meter,a pink mini ultra,and 200 test strips!!! This site has really saved me,so many suggestions, concerns,generosity from a few, etc..I would have given up long ago if it weren't for members on this site,I would have just said I am fine,nothing wrong,because of Doctor's not having the time to review my readings I had logged,and,saying that since my A1C was only 5.7 over 2 months ago, I am fine! Thank you so much.

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