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Blue Moon
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Feeling really low emotionally today. I'm type II and this disease is getting to me. I keep asking myself why? I know people who live on junk and I never did. Yet I get the disease and they didn't, not that I would want them to have this condition. Just I feel it isn't fair. I'm not a big eater to begin with, but if I don't eat my blood sugars go up. Shaking off these emotions is hard, and I usually look at the bright side of things and don't let others know what I'm feeling. Today, I'm a mess and all I want to do is hide, but I can't do that. People depend on me to be the strong one, and today I just can't do it. I feel like telling everyone at work to chill out, when it's me that needs to get it together. Sorry for the rant, I think I should go for a walk and change my environment if only for ten minutes. Thanks

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katt61569 2009-10-16 19:06:29 -0500 Report

You aren't the only one I prefer to only eat one meal a day and that is supper (I am a night person) husband eats constantly and never gains weight or anything. all I have to do is look at something and feel the weight coming on. I have a bunch of other medical problems and can never seem to not get something husband hasn't been to a dr in 20 yrs and never gets anything and I am hospitalised at least once a year. for something..I totally understand your fustration.

Judimar 2009-10-17 05:17:10 -0500 Report


Like you I struggle with only wanting to eat one meal. I know I need to eat 3 meals a day plus two snacks, but I have to fight myself to eat most of the time. You wouldn't know it by looking at me though… /sigh

Hinboyz3 2009-10-15 20:35:46 -0500 Report

It's OK to vent, heck I feel all alone someday s too, and that my family don't understand what I'm going through. Sometimes I ask myself why me too? I start my days out thanking that Higher Power each day for another day that I wake up. I put on that smile and start my day, and it's always a good thing to change up when things are trying to cut you down. I do a nice bike ride for a couple of miles and in no time I have instant energy to go threw the day. So don't hold your head down, lift it up continue on and try again! And thanks for ranting it's good for you.

Robbin Lynn
Robbin Lynn 2009-10-14 22:45:33 -0500 Report

Hey! I was diagnosed in January 2009 with Type II diabetes, I was prescribed with oral medication. I have lost so much weight since being diagnosed that people think I'm doing drugs. I have terrible side effects from the medication, I feel dizzy, off balance and just terrible, my feet tingle and sometimes my legs get numb and I have alot of stomach issues. Just want to know if anyone is going through these issues.

Candie2 2009-10-14 23:20:33 -0500 Report

Yep, I recently was told my the Dr. that my Glucose level was high and my triglycerides/cholesterol also high. Wonderful, I now feel more depressed and keep trying to do "right" cause I feel as if I'm dying. My toes go so numb and will tingle as if they are asleep. I have to lose weight but can't move too much because of arthritis in joints. I feel that I'm between a rock and a hard place. I am hyperglycemic and can't keep my glucose down two days in a row!! I have had three changes of meds since diagnosed in 2008, and will keep switching till the right combo is found, I'm not ready to die, too young

Harlen 2009-10-14 20:40:27 -0500 Report

Boy do I know how you feal and its not good,I life we all have the things that we gust have got to do and this is one of mine I like my feet where they are and I like to see so I do the work so I can keep it the way it is
Hang in there frend life is good and dont stress the little things
I know I know I need to take this advice my self lol

ptsparkle 2009-10-14 15:12:33 -0500 Report


Sorry you are having a down day. The pits is, it sometimes comes with the territory. I'm just the opposite. I ate more than I should, and when getting older, stopped most activities. I'm almost jealous when you say you have to eat to keep your sugars down. But either way, hypo or hyper both are lousy.

Just keep your chin up, a walk would be helpful. If you are at home sick or on vacation, the work usually gets done.Same if your having a bad day. TELL your co-workers to chill out and handle it themselves for a day. You are not alone, we all share many similar problems. Hang in there and feel better.

Judimar 2009-10-14 16:00:39 -0500 Report


I hear you and I understand how you feel. Gabby is right and I think what you did by bringing the apples was wonderful.

What I do when the depression hits me like that is I think abut the things in life I am grateful for… my husband, my family, the beautiful day… anything to get me off the negative thoughts in my head.

Sometimes it's hard to be positive when you feel like you just want to cry or scream or curl up in a little ball… but focusing on how lucky I am to be me and be alive makes it a little easier.

Wish I could do or say something to help you… you're in my thoughts and prayers.



Blue Moon
Blue Moon 2009-10-14 16:05:49 -0500 Report


I'm sorry I was so self-absorbed. Just had someone at work being beyond cranky with me. The day just started out bad with my blood glucose and I was introspective a little too much it seems. My emotions are a roller coaster and it is part of this disease that I'm having trouble with at times. I don't want to say that people shouldn't have the treats that they are bringing into the office, but some of them are having trouble with control and it is hard to work with the attitudes. As well, it is really hard to avoid all of the treats. So when I came back I gave certain people an apple in hopes they stop eating the bad stuff and eat something good for them. Thank you for the support, I'm feeling better now. :o) Debra

Judimar 2009-10-14 16:47:29 -0500 Report

I'm so glad to hear that… and it's okay to be self absorbed sometimes. I'm glad you're here and you shared with us!

GabbyPA 2009-10-14 15:06:04 -0500 Report

Venting is a good thing and where better than here where we understand where you're coming from. Sorry you're having a bad day, but hopefully it will pass. That whole life isn't fair speech really sucks, and there are days when you just don't want to hear it. You will find some one who has been dealt a worse deal than you, then you will have the empathy that they need...that always makes me feel better. Helping someone, taking long walks in nature, admiring a beautiful sunset...it really is all quite good. Just have to change the view sometimes.

Blue Moon
Blue Moon 2009-10-14 15:52:15 -0500 Report


You're right. Some days are hard, but in the bigger picture is it really that bad? I needed to hear that. When I came back to the office I brought with me some apples from my trees and put them in various candy dishes. Seems everyone is cranky, because of what they have been eating so I thought maybe some would like something healthy. Maybe not, but I feel better. Thank you. ;o)

GabbyPA 2009-10-15 08:41:08 -0500 Report

I like your apple idea. That sounds great and being from your own tree, that is even more special. Good plan

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