Type 1 Diabetes in later life

Sue Turner
By Sue Turner Latest Reply 2009-10-13 13:48:18 -0500
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Hi everyone, I am still looking for more people who were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes later in life. I was diagnosed at 61 after taking the drug Abilify. I am curious about others diagnosed at or around that age, and what they were told by their doctors about what brought it on at that time of their life. If diabetes runs in their families, etc., I would appreciate any information from anyone. Very concerned!

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redwingluver9398 2009-10-12 10:07:33 -0500 Report

they think Abilify contributed to your diagnosis? I am currently taking it (20mg @ night) and was dx'd type 2 in March.

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2009-10-12 10:20:42 -0500 Report

Hi redwingluver. The doctors tell me that it is not possible that the Abilify contributed to my diabetes, however, I had no symptoms,no family history,etc., and I was diagnosed after I took the 1st Rx of Abilify. Since you are a Type II, if you watch your glucose levels carefully, the Abilify will probably not have any affect on you. Hope not anyway. But the FDA has now made the company put in their adverse reactions that Abilify can cause a rise in blood sugars, which can lead to coma or death. I'm sure you have seen all the commercials about it since you take it. Just be cautious and monitor often. Keep me posted on how you are doing.

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2009-10-12 10:21:59 -0500 Report

I ment to ask you if you were diagnosed after you started taking the Abilify, or did you already have diabetes before you started taking the drug?

redwingluver9398 2009-10-12 10:39:40 -0500 Report

I was dx'd long after I started taking Abilify and Seroquel. They've since gotten me off the Seroquel, but Abilify seems to be the only thing that keeps my bipolar disorder at bay; so they can't get me off of it. But I have a familial predispostion to diabetes and am overweight (partly as a result of bipolar meds)so Abilify probably has no direct link to my diagnosis. Would be nice to be able to point a finger somewhere though right? LOL

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2009-10-13 13:48:18 -0500 Report

Hi redwingluver. May I ask how long it was after you started taking the meds that you were diagnosed? And at what age were you? Since you are a Type II and your pancreous is still producing some insulin, just maybe the medication will not affect you that much if you keep a close watch on your bs levels. I think that we are in such shock when these things happen to us that we are just trying to figure it all out and find a cause. I just know that I was healthy, had had no diabetic symptoms, and no family history, and bam, it was like it happened overnight. Very scary! I was fine, then I woke up one morning and couldn't see. I could see a little but not very well. I didn't think that my eyesight could have changed that drastically over night. I made an appointment with my eye doc., he said to see my medical doc., and have my bs checked. There was no damage to my eyes,thank goodness.He gave me some contacts that improved my eyesight 100%. I couldn't even see with my glasses. After I ended up in the Hospital Emergency Room, and they got my bs back down within a fairly normal range, my vision was back to normal again, and I didn't need the contacts anymore. After that I couldn't see with the contacts. It was really weard to say the least. So I have to give my eye doc., credit for finding the diabetes. When I went to my medical doc., he checked my bs and it was in 400s; he said, "you have diabetes." Gave me some pills and sent me home. He told me to start taking the meds and my bs should start going down in a few weeks, well, it just got worse and worse until I ended up in the hospital in full blown Ketoacidosis with my bs reading off the charts. Needless to say, I have not been back to that doc., since. My husband said you will never go back to that doc., again. He almost let you die. To this day, I have not seen him again. You, are right, we just want to find something to blame for this terrible disease. lol

kdroberts 2009-10-12 09:42:57 -0500 Report

Type 1 is autoimmune so can show up at any time. It used to be thought it was only children but now the medical community realizes that it's not uncommon for a type 1 to be diagnosed later in life. Amy T ( the patient advocate on the main page) is an example of this and there are a number on the ADA type 1 message board (www.diabetes.org). I know a few people who have been diagnosed later as well, 20's-40's though. No one knows why the autoimmune attack happens or why it happens to some people and not others but they are slowly figuring things out.

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2009-10-12 10:29:55 -0500 Report

Hi Mr. Roberts. Yes I know that diabetes is an autoimmune disease. Have been in the medical field for nearly 40 yrs. And, I am aware that it can happen at any time. More and more information is getting out there about juvenile diabetes being diagnosed at anytime in your lifetime. We don't know what makes the immune system start attacking the Beta cells, it could be from a virus, or a chemical of some kind. I read a comment by someone that their's was triggered by pneumonia. We just never know. Thank goodness more and more research is being done regarding this terrible disease, however, not enough still.

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