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does high sugars cause doctor told me when sugars are out of controll.u can get anyone else had them though this.

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kristyns way
kristyns way 2009-10-30 14:14:22 -0500 Report

hi answer to your docters advice.. yes high sugars can cause abcess…these are cause but a lot of reasons… to a person with diabeties its caused by the are not getting enough blood supply there for high sugars have this affect and consrict the area …if left untreated can ..blow up to an abcses witch is very painfull… ive had one that reasulted in a abcess.. witch wa caused by vascular diecies..oops.. witch is constriction of the blood vessels as well… i hope that this will go away for you … please take care in my daughters name…kristyns way

Harlen 2009-10-10 18:22:23 -0500 Report

For the most part mine are on the inerthigh but sometimes on my tummy
and your rihg they mart like the devel

ellenl 2009-10-10 11:35:40 -0500 Report

hi my name is ellen i am just stating to get an absecc and let metell ya it dont tickel but i didnt know you could get it with high sugar levels

lipsie 2009-10-10 11:04:45 -0500 Report

That's a good question though I dunno the answer…hope you find out whatcha looking for! Hugs! Sheila

Harlen 2009-10-10 10:54:40 -0500 Report

Even under controle you can get them I do from time to time
Thank god my wife is a RN and she takes care of them for me.
The Doc toled me that they sre not related But I sm not of the same mined
I know others that get them too
Hope it works out for you

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