What could have caused this?

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Started 2009-10-06 10:07:13 -0500

Hi everyone,me again! Yesterday I was feeling a bit off,and,in more pain than usual. I ended up going in to take a nap about 4:30p. I woke up about 8:00p (wow) came out and sent an email to a friend,then went back to bed. I woke up about 12:30am,all sweaty so decided to take BS, the alarm went off,numbers flashing at "253"…the only thing I can think of was I had a couple handfuls of m&ms about 9:30-10P, before going back to sleep. This morning it is okay, "129"…just blew me away for a bit. I am so happy I see my new Doctor tomorrow afternoon, I do hope he will figure out if this is type 2 or what!..He will have readings from before also,I am also hoping he can give me a script for strips,but,he may have to do the fasting BS from lab first. Thank you for listening.


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Harlen 2009-10-06 12:45:55 -0500 Report

M&Ms will get you lol
I love them too I gest sey NO booohhooo
hope your fealing better soon

Darly 2009-10-06 14:11:18 -0500 Report

thank you Harlen, booo hooo is right,just have to say no. I feel somewhat better today,just have no energy to do anything.

Darly 2009-10-08 10:04:51 -0500 Report

I saw the new Doc. yesterday,finally! He first was talking about how high my cholesterol is and that since I have history of having a stroke in the 90"s he was surprised I haven't had that or heart attack yet! I was put on Zocor. I also mentioned about my sugar levels,they were right on his laptop from my therapist who had me track it for a bit,I also showed him numbers from the past week including what was mentioned above. He said that it looked like I was borderline and had insulin resistance,I went this morning for a fasting glucose and a CPK?? Asked the nurse what that was,she said it was to check the heart,I have orthostatic tachycardia also. my heart rate was 118, normal for me,even up to 121, told him all I did was walk across the street for my appt. I was also given 50,000 units of vitamin D to take once a week for 8 weeks,said it was low. I asked about getting testing supplies,he said unless he diagnosed it the insurance would not pay,so I will wait for my blood tests to come back.

Thank you All!


Rose2149 2009-10-10 21:06:36 -0500 Report

about 6 months ago I had to take vitamin D too the same amount as you . It stopped the pains I was getting from just every day activity.I now have to make sure to take at least 600mgs of Vitamin D twice a day for the reast of my life. seems to be normal after our 50s. it is very hard to say no to M&Ms

Darly 2009-10-16 11:09:45 -0500 Report

His Rose, I was wondering,were you given the vitamin D to help w/your pain? I saw on a website about the vitamin D that it can also have something to do w/blood sugars…just curious…Thank you


John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-10-06 10:50:26 -0500 Report

M&M's can definitely send your blood sugar soaring. They have about 15g of carbs per serving. And a couple of handfuls could have been a couple of servings potentially.

Definitely something you should discuss with your doctor.

Darly 2009-10-06 14:09:02 -0500 Report

Thank you John,

I guess if I was not a diabetic this would not have happened! The meter also said ketone down the bottom corner…I do love m&ms…guess only a few at a time for me.

I will discuss this with new doctor tomorrow.