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how many carbs a day r normal?

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YaYaSkidz 2010-10-16 14:29:15 -0500 Report

I am a T2 with gastroparesis. I'm a low car/no carb eater. I don't go over 2 carbs a snack. I eat 5 snacks a day of 300-400 cal each so I really don't do "meals". I use most of my carbs in fresh fruits, whole wheat pasta, that sort of thing — I just can't eat certain things without spiking so I don't go there. That puts me at about 10 carbs a day. The Diet chick at the hospital is far more generous than I can handle. I like keeping my A1C in control so I don't eat the carbs (my last A1C was 5.5) Its all about individual tolerance. I also feel you can eat so many things as long as you remember portion control. I can have pasta, I just can't have a big plate of pasta. I don't eat pizza because I don't know how to eat just one small slice (lol) I have a cup or 1/2 a cup when I serve, I eat 1/2 a banana not the whole one or better yet I choose berries which I do much better with. Blue Moon is on the money with the suggestion to try foods and then test two hours after your meal to see how you do. There are lots of low carb foods that are good — I'm a big yogurt fan, anything you can dip a chip in you can dip a cucumber slice in and there is no crunch like celery.

I eat what my gastro chick calls the Mediterranean Diet. I researched it and basically its how I eat - she's right. Its heart healthy and works for me. I eat fish several times a week, I eat fresh fruits and veggies. I can't eat red meat because of the gastroparesis - it just sits in my tummy. I use olive oil when I cook. I sprinkle walnuts and almonds on my salads. Its one way to go.

Good Luck!

Blue Moon
Blue Moon 2009-10-05 21:14:47 -0500 Report

Really depends on the individual, everyone is different and has their body has unique requirements. I try to get at least 15 carbs or under per meal. Measure your blood sugar at least two hours after a main meal to give yourself a reference point to work from, and if you see spikes that is an indication you had to many carbs for that meal. Adjust the carbs accordingly after wards for your next meal or learn that your portions may of been to large and go from there. Don't get frustrated, after a while it gets easier.

Sarguillo 2009-10-05 16:35:36 -0500 Report

you will get many different answers to that question.
I myself try to stick to 30-45-60 which comes out to 135 g of carbs a day. Think of carbs as a slice of bread. A slice of bread has 15 g of carbs. So I can eat 2 slices worth at breakfast, 3 for lunch and 4 for dinner. It works out ok for me.
Good luck

hbkunkel 2009-10-05 15:44:04 -0500 Report

When I was diagnosed I was told to aim for 12 carbs a day which is 180 g but I try to stay under that.