Ac1 and your owen Testing

By ONeil Latest Reply 2009-10-03 18:58:54 -0500
Started 2009-10-02 19:10:32 -0500

What I would like to know why is it that when you get your A1c done is always different then when you test your self. this is what the dr, can not always give you the answer on that ,that you are looking for.

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jigsaw 2009-10-03 08:01:18 -0500 Report

I had two a1c tests by different docs within one week! Although the results were close, they were different. To me these tests are a guide line or a guage to go by. I think they give you a fairly good idea of how well you've been managing your BS. If the results were radically different, than something is probably wrong with the tests!

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-10-03 09:00:29 -0500 Report

Jigsaw, that makes sense. It is like BP, we all know how much that can vary within a few minutes, we are human and so much can affect any reading in our body, I think. Some, like our thyroid, take time for meds to kick in, but BS can vary like the flick of a finger. Good Luck to ALL! I no longer get in a tizzy if mine isn't exactly where I like it! Pat R

kdroberts 2009-10-03 09:09:00 -0500 Report

A1c wont change quickly but there is no official standard for measuring it so each lab has there own way and scale.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-10-03 18:58:54 -0500 Report

Maybe the AIc doesn't change quickly, but the home meter does—-Is that one reason they only do the AIc every 3 months as it takes awhile for the pattern of diet, meds and exercise to make a definite difference? I was pleased that my 192 of this morn, dropped to 122 a few hours later—without meds and my erratic diet, I guess that it is OK—-

I think that I am getting a handle on my ferocious appetite, since surgery, I MAKE myself wait for a few bites of SNACK till a certain time, THEN eat a meal, instead of eating non-stop into the next meal, then not eating that much, then getting hungry AGAIN!!

Self-control, Pat!! "Yes, Madam"! ha—-PR

kdroberts 2009-10-02 22:23:13 -0500 Report

1. Home meters are not accurate
2. A1c doesn't measure blood sugar and home glucose meters don't test A1c.
3. Things other than blood sugar affect the A1c.

What are you trying to match up? You can buy home A1c tests that are pretty accurate but a home meter wont measure that.

ONeil 2009-10-03 05:14:11 -0500 Report

I do know that the home meaters are not always right, but me-be I sould fine the A1c teating in the stor e just to see if that could give me the right testing and numbers that I am looking for.

Harlen 2009-10-02 19:21:14 -0500 Report

Well for me it is close
I test 6 to 8 times a day
How menny times do you test ?

ONeil 2009-10-03 05:09:26 -0500 Report

well ,I test at 3 to4 times a day . that is what the dr, would like for me to do till I see him at the end of the month.

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