Do you use a pump?

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Got this email from, and wanted to share. I do not use a pump, but if this can help someone…Hugs

Dear dLife Member,

Thinking about changing insulin pumps?
The OmniPod System is the first tubing-free insulin delivery system. Because there is never a reason to disconnect, you are always receiving insulin—delivery is truly continuous. Plus, with just a Pod and PDM, the OmniPod System has the fewest parts to manage.

Now it's even easier to make the switch
For a limited time only, qualified pumpers can trade-in their current pump and get an OmniPod Starter Kit for as little as $299.99.* Call 888-6-GETPOD or visit to get all the details.

Join other customers
Many customers have already made the switch to OmniPod. Why? OmniPod eliminates many of the issues associated with conventional pumps PLUS—has innovations that will change your life:
• Tubing-free design eliminates worries about snagging, tangling or disconnecting.
• Virtually pain-free automated insertion means quick and easy Pod changes.
• Small, discreet, watertight Pod can go in the pool, the ocean or the tub with no need to disrupt insulin delivery.
• Wireless handheld PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) goes in your bag, briefcase, backpack or belt—you choose.
Save by getting started before year end
Do you have money left in your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or have you met your yearly health insurance deductible? Then save by getting started on the OmniPod now. You are on your way to a whole new way of life—with OmniPod.

98% of OmniPod customers say that living with diabetes is easier with OmniPod. We hope you'll join them.

Healthy regards,
Your friends at OmniPod

P.S. Try a Demo Pod for FREE
Of course, the only way to really appreciate the OmniPod difference is to try it yourself. Get a FREE OmniPod Demo Kit with a nonworking Pod you can wear—and imagine the freedom of pump therapy with no tubing. Just visit to order yours.
OmniPod is a registered trademark of Insulet Corporation.

*This offer is available for qualified insulin pump users only. Proof of pump ownership required. To qualify, insurance coverage must be verified. Offer ends December 31, 2009. Offer terms and conditions subject to change. For full terms and conditions, please call 888-6-GETPOD.

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