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We are going to Texas soon to see hubbys parents.
His mom and dad a renting a place temp,While his dads job has them there.
She does not cook nor will let you cook in there house, she says its just the 2 of them so they eat out every meal, but when we bought food she got very upset over the kitchen has to stay clean.
We told her we will clean it she says no no no cooking.
So we can get our depost back crazy yes I know.
So heres my problem, eating out 3 meals a day for 4 days and figuring out snacks.
We are not savey on eating out other then getting salads if hubby and I go out for dinner.
How do you guys eat out and when you travel do it??

I ll take a ice chest with veggies.


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DiabetesDiva 2008-07-04 06:27:01 -0500 Report

I just spent 4 days with my 84 year old dad. We too ate out for every meal, mostly at a coffee shop. For breakfast I had eggbeaters, wheat toast & fresh fruit and find the ONE healthy item on the menu for lunch - a grilled chicken sandwich with fresh fruit. I kept protein bars (like South Beach) and fresh fruit with me. I also took home leftovers from my meals to snack on. I'm sorry that are so insensitive to your needs. Good luck!

Dancehawk 2008-07-05 07:25:45 -0500 Report

Going to pack a bunch of veggies in the ice chest and thank you guys.
I have been a bit stressed over this it really helps to hear how others do it.


Elfin 2008-07-04 04:41:59 -0500 Report

Dancehawk, I used to travel a lot and I find breakfast is usually the hardest meal to eat out…scrambled eggs and a bread are usually OK. To substitute for potatoes or grits some restaurants will substitute sliced tomatoes or other veggies. Lunch and supper are a little easier because you can often find grilled fish, beef or chicken and some restaurant offer veggies instead of potatoes (be sure to ask as they may not be on the menu). Even some tex-mex places will have an item on the menu like a grilled meat for those who don't like or can't eat most of their food. Fajitas may be an option and are usually available with chicken,steak and shrimp, but are usually pretty fatty. Some specialty places (Barbeque) offer a salad bar combined with sliced lean meat. There are a lot of places where you can get good food if you look the menus over carefully. Always ask if they have something to substitute for potatoes…they are the most abundant choice in eateries.
Perhaps your in-laws wouldn't consider fruits, yogurts or other snack foods as "cooking" wouldn't object to keeping them in the refrigerator.
While driving, you can carry snacks in coolers, but just be sure that you take driving breaks to get out,stretch and get your circulation going. It's easy to forget to stop if you have everything you need in the car.
Just a note sort of to explain your in-laws concern, in Florida, many retired couples do eat out all meals. We joke that they don't need kitchens, but my sister-in-law whom I love to pieces took the idea so far she sold the cook stove in their mobile home and had more cabinets installed. ROFL

rj 2008-07-04 04:38:48 -0500 Report

From what I learned from nutrition class…try to maintain 1/2 cup portions, limit yourself on the carbs…breads pasta…even most veggies constitute carbs except green beans…etc grilled chicken…broiled always a choice …most proteins your safe as far as sugar but can contribute to other complications heart, choloesterol

JP - 14811
JP - 14811 2008-07-04 04:35:51 -0500 Report

Eating out three times a day will be tricky but it's doable. Stick with chicken, fish, lean steak, and vegetables. Ask if you can substitute the potato, pasta, bread for extra veggies. Most restaurants are ok with it. For breakfast, order a vegetable omelet made with egg beaters and whole wheat toast, or poached eggs once or twice. There are ways around it, just have to keep your mind open and your heart in it. I eat out quite frequently. Mexican, chicken fajitas and don't use the tortillas or only one. Chinese, meat and veggies and no rice. American dinners, the sky is the limit. Lunches, go for wraps with turkey and veggies and hold the mayo or get it on the side and ask for a vegetable or fruit instead of fries. Good Luck Dance.. I'm sure you'll be fine.. just make good choices and if the inlaws have comments about you being picky (I've had this happen) tell them that's why you prefer to cook for yourself… :)

Have a fun vacation!
*Judy (JP)

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