recently diagnosed, it's been a blessing.

By Lakeland Latest Reply 2009-10-06 13:37:20 -0500
Started 2009-09-30 19:04:39 -0500

The diagnosis scared me, I found out because my eyesight went blurry my blood sugar was 550, but the hospital had classes and my insurance company had retired nurses and dieticians to help, learned about carbs and walking. My a1c was10.3 now its 7.1 and because of changing eating and walking, I'm down from 247 lbs to 217. I'm feeling better, before diabetes I didn't take my health seriously, now I do, I'm not overly picky but I just watch my carbs, If i want dessert, then I don't eat bread. With the help of diet drinks and cranberry juice made with splenda, I'm finding things easier than I expected.


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SuzyAttendorn 2009-10-06 13:37:20 -0500 Report

I agree with you. My diagnosis back in August was probably a blessing to me as well. It made me address my weight issues and exercise. My weight can cause a lot more than diabetes, and I have come to terms with that now. Each day is a new day, and I try to face each one with the attitude that good choices are going to make my life better. Good luck to you! God Bless.

dyanne 2009-10-01 01:32:20 -0500 Report

Well that is great that u r doing so well. Are u on Insulin?
I'm and also meds I also understand the weight problem I have more to go then u do. I have just lost about 30 lbs and keep trying. Welcome to the site and you are already doing well !!! Keep it up !!!
Hugs dyanne

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2009-10-01 10:02:00 -0500 Report

Keep up the good work and keep us updated
on your progress. Welcome to the site, you will like the people here and all the good information you get. Dan

BLC 2009-09-30 22:46:18 -0500 Report

I know what you mean by "blessing." I was sick for so long before I was diagnosed. When I finally figured out what was wrong with me and got treatment I realized how blessed I was to have figured out what was going on with me. So happy to hear that you are doing well with your diabetes. Keep up the good work.

hbkunkel 2009-09-30 21:50:51 -0500 Report

Hi Lakeland, It sounds as if you are on the right track. Keep us the good work. We are here to support you.

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