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My 4 year old son has been wetting the bed alot so I take him to the Dr.s thinking it's just nerves or something, WRONG!!! They think he maybe diabetic!!!! When we had to hold him down to check his sugar at noon, it was 206!!! Now I have to test his sugar at different times the next couple of days. If anyone has any help with a child with diabetes PLEASE contact me..

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kandra 2008-07-05 07:47:44 -0500 Report

my advise comes to you from a adhd phobic of needles ,later gestational dibeties , we had a bo bo bear if she had to get labs they would take bo bo bear and put on the tournquete feel around and yes even made a convincing stick and then put the band aid which i might ad was of her favorite whatever possible at the time supplied by me ahead of time ,they gave a small prize given ahead of time by me and dont beat me up it worked after awhile she wasnt as phobic this is a child that ran off and hid so she miss blood work apoint had to call the cops to help look for her very scarey she took out of school and hid so i feel confident if you want to not hold him down we did the cause and effect game , if you sit here and be good about being tested this is what will happen otherwise it will cause us not to be able to go slide today if you tske your meds everyday i will read 1 more story each night at bedtime … i am not saying it is the best parental tecnique but if you have a adhd phobic child that can kick like a mule. she had to take insulin shots everyday until my grand daughter was born and i asked her how she did it and she said i would take the shot and reward myself for taking it food for thought , by no means am i a expert and if there was a mistake in parenting i probably hit it but right wrong or indiffrent it worked is my point , good luck please keep us informed oh a note on bo bo bear it is good for ivs and broken bones too poor bo bo bear had nearly anything possible staff is usually very coropertive if briefed ahead of time and as a mother if they couldnt treat bo bo bear with compasion they didnt get a hand on my child now i realize your son isnt a special needs child so helping him adjust should be better i hope . both are in my thoughts take care kandra

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