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i'm a busy working mom-a school administrator, faculty and an blood sugar is controlled but my cholesterol levels are high and i have no more gall bladder. what type of food should i eat for a balanced meal and snacks as me pls? thanks a lot!

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John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-09-29 10:42:20 -0500 Report

One of the best ways to cook healthy meals when you are a busy working mom, is to get a crock pot. You can throw the ingredients in before work, leave it all day, and when you walk in the door, the meal is ready.

Here's a link to a bunch of the crock pot recipes that have been posted here:

And here's a couple of links to healthy snack ideas:

Hang in there.

GabbyPA 2009-09-28 07:38:46 -0500 Report

Wow, that is a loaded question.
As a diabetic, we need to eat a balanced diet. That is different for everyone and a meeting with a dietitian is a great place to start, as they will look at just you and your needs. Well worth the small fee they charge.

All I can give you is basic info, but it is a place to start.
Do you count your food values? Do you read the labels on your products? Do you have an ADA food value book? These things will arm you with the tools you need to start.

You want to watch your carbs and keep them in the 100 to 150 grams per day range. Eating whole foods is always a better choice than a processed food. Example, eating a nine grain bread is better than white bread. Eating an apple is better than a glass of fruit juice. Whole foods help provide the fiber that your body needs and fiber can help your cholesterol.

Limit your fats to healthy fats. The more liquid a fat is at room temperature, the better it is for you in general. That is why olive oil is a better choice than most other oils. You also don't want to exceed 300 g of cholesterol in your diet per day. Your body makes cholesterol, so we really don't need to add it to our diet at all. Plant based oils are free from cholesterol, while animal fats are not. Eating raw nuts like walnuts or almonds are also good. While the fat is high, it is a helpful fat for you. Also eat a lot of fish high in omegas. That can help your good cholesterol levels, which will in turn help reduce your bad ones.

Eat a lot of greens. I found that the more leafy greens I ate, the happier my tummy was. I found that I started to feel full at a meal because my body gets the nutrition it needs. When we eat empty foods that offer us flavor but not nutrition, our body craves the nutrition, so we eat something is a cycle. Once you start giving your body nutrition, it cuts the cravings for the not so good stuff which is usually fatty or sweet foods.

Then the other thing to consider is what foods mess with your control. For me, I cannot eat anything corn. It shoots my numbers way up, even if I just eat a little. Oh, how I miss my popcorn! LOL. But for you, it may not be the case, and once you find the foods that give you trouble, you can find good substitutes for them. To find those things out, you have to experiment a lot and it takes time, so don't rush it or beat yourself up over it.

Don't give into the "sugar free" lie either. Number one, most artificial sweeteners are not good for you. You are better off to stick to natural alternatives like Stevia, Agave or raw sugar. Then, just because it is sugar free doesn't mean it is carb or fat free. If they take on component out, the others are usually compensated for it, and you have a deceiving food.

Stick as close to nature in your foods and stay away from boxed anything. When I was first diagnosed and figured this out, we cleaned our pantry of the conveneince foods, sugar free foods and anything that was loaded with sodium. I try to use canned foods as little as possible, and cook from the garden and with foods that have 5 or less ingredients in the list. I can't always do it, but it helps a lot and makes us all feel better.

Just a couple of tips because you are a working mom is to find recipes that you can crock pot, make ahead and freeze or simple ones. Like I made chicken encheladas the other night and the recipe makes enough for two meals, so I freeze one for another "I don't have time to cook" days. I always keep a tub of ready made salad in the frige with lettuce, spinach, carrots, de-seeded cukes, radishes and sometimes sprouts. It is a "dry" salad that will keep for several days and it goes on the table every night.

Well, I have talked too much, but I hope it gives you a place to start. It is tough, and you don't have to do it all at once. I have lowered my BG levels, my cholesterol and trygliceride levels as well. A lot with diet and exercise and some with meds, but it all works together to make me healthier now that I have diabetes than before I knew I had it.

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