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how many grams of sugar is ok? My salad dressing had less than 2? Is there a certain amount that you can allow yourself? much is ok?

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alanbossman 2009-09-27 16:08:21 -0500 Report

Antique-Dave is right everyone is diffrent, on how much carbs per day. Also portion size is also big one, serving size on food lables is a good thing to look at.

Antique-Dave 2009-09-27 13:43:26 -0500 Report

Hi Naomi

its not the suger per se but carbs and everyone is different as to what they tolerate without making their BGL going too crazy.

I'm trying to stick around 135 carbs a day or less, some people eat more, some eat much less but you are going to have to experiment.

For me I believe most all foods are possible its just a matter of trying to fi them into my carb budget for the day, it means I have to make choices and plan for the things I want to eat. Its not as spontaneous as it used to be but it works pretty good for me.

When you look at the labels look at total carbs, another thing you'll want to look at is the glycemic index as it can give you some idea of how fast a food might spike you.

You are an experiment of one, and you'll need to test and eat and test and see what the impact is. After awhile it comes easier and you don't have to think about it so much once you get your list of friendly foods figured out.

Naomi75 2009-09-27 16:03:29 -0500 Report

thanks again! I appreciate the advice. I got some grape nuts today and they are high in carbs and fiber? I guess I should stay away from them? they are like 42 carbs? I will try like 150 carbs /day- see how that goes for a day or two. Thanks again!

Antique-Dave 2009-09-27 18:11:57 -0500 Report

42 carbs for breakfast would be a lot for me. When you start reading labels you are going to be in for some surprises. Some of the things that you think would be good for you aren't so much.

Also you'll find that many of the sugar free products are just as high in carbs as the regular stuff. For many items and some experimenting I came to the conclusion that I would rather have a smaller protion of the "real" stuff then a regular protion of the fake.

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