Encouragememnt and Friendship

By LisaLu Latest Reply 2011-03-31 17:44:49 -0500
Started 2009-09-27 05:56:53 -0500

I am beginning to understand why I have struggled so much with the diabetes and felt so alone. I had noone to talk to that understood what I was going through or what I was feeling. I have found that now and I am so happy. Thank you all for being here and helping me to see that this is something that doesn't have to mean the end of life but the beginning of a new life =)

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pkwillhoite 2011-03-31 17:44:49 -0500 Report

I ahve found so much information on here!! I wish I would have found it a long time ago!! It feels like a family and everyone knows what your talking about and understands all your feelings.

lipsie 2009-09-28 19:56:59 -0500 Report


Hiya gurlie! I must agree, that is a fantastic attitude and I have more people that I would trust here than out here yanno? I love everyone here! I really do!! Hugs! Glad to have you with us! Sheila

LisaLu 2009-09-29 14:28:44 -0500 Report

Thank Shelia. I am also happy that all of you are here and I am here aswell. I did not realize there were so many diabetics out there and its so great to find all of you.


mamaoak 2009-09-28 19:41:03 -0500 Report

good to here of your new understanding yes this is a good place to be it is nice to know that we are not a lone our friends are great her this site has helped me alot as well. we are here if yoou need us.

LoriAnne 2009-09-28 17:51:43 -0500 Report

We all have struggles just like you. Struggles seem to be harder when you are alone or feel like you are alone. Or have someone but they don't understand. Just keep on going, don't stop don't ever give up. Life is worth living even with struggles. I am new to this website and I feel the same way about this website. I didn't realize that there are as many diabetic people until I found this website. I hope a cure is found for all of us but until then we have just to keep on going. Take care!

LisaLu 2009-09-29 14:26:20 -0500 Report

Thank you , your encouragement is so apperciated! I also wish they would find a cure that would help us all but until the day comes I apperciate all of you here and I am here for you all


GabbyPA 2009-09-28 06:45:25 -0500 Report

I am so glad you found us! I know that being a part of this community encouraged me greatly as well, helped me understand that every day was going to be different and that is was okay. There is so much to learn and so many ideas out there, here you will find support in all of that. Nope....you're not alone and we are very happy to have you with us.

LisaLu 2009-09-28 13:22:07 -0500 Report

Thanks Gabby! I am so happy that I have so many new friends that are here to talk to when I need some help and to share their stories of thier lives. Thank You All! =)

hbkunkel 2009-09-28 06:04:46 -0500 Report

Life has been better after I discovered this site. We welcome you and embrace the thoughts and feelings that you are going through. Do not feel alone we are here to help every step of the way. Keep us posted on how things are going:).

LisaLu 2009-09-28 13:20:49 -0500 Report

Thank you Betsie, I am very happy to have all of you as friends and I will continue to update on how things are going and to be here for anyone that needs me.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-09-28 05:37:49 -0500 Report

Glad that you were able to find this site… Great friendships here. Learning experience is fantastic…Debe

LisaLu 2009-09-28 13:19:36 -0500 Report

Yes Debe I agree and its a blessing to find this site and all the wonderful, friendly people on it =)

Tia Shirley
Tia Shirley 2009-09-27 18:02:47 -0500 Report

You are truly not alone. Since being diagnosed several years ago with Type 2 diabetes I have been amazed how many people are dealing with it. We are here for you as we all face this journey together

LisaLu 2009-09-28 05:30:38 -0500 Report

thanks Tia, I am relieved to find so many people that are facing the same things I am and to know they are here for me.


Vicrgreen 2009-09-27 17:36:55 -0500 Report

For sure we can all relate. There is a vast amount of knowledge and experience with diabetes represented here. Plus people who are willing to extend the hand of friendship to anyone in our boat. Feel free to take advantage of what is offered.

It is good that you have chosen to join us. We will undoubtedly gain something from your presence just as you can gain from ours.

God bless you.

LisaLu 2009-09-28 05:28:51 -0500 Report

Thanks Vic, I am so very happy that I found this site and the many great people on it.

God bless you too,

2009-09-27 07:37:06 -0500 Report

We are happy to be here for you. It's great to hear that your spirits are now going up. And remember, we are here for you.