Diabetes Vacation

By 80sgirl71 Latest Reply 2009-09-29 20:25:00 -0500
Started 2009-09-25 02:30:34 -0500

I want a vacation from diabetes. Just one day out of the year. No finger pricks, no oral med's, no carb counting, and no insulin. A day where I wouldn't have to worry about getting the balance right. I know it is not realistic, but it is a sweet fantasy. I know I am supposed to control diabetes, & not let it control me. But sometimes I wonder who is really in control? Again it's the balance thing. Maybe someday I will get it right.

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sweething 2009-09-29 20:25:00 -0500 Report

After 26 years, you'd think it would be second nature to me, but every day is a struggle. I took too many vacation days early on, and now I pay the price with peripheral neuropathy. Keep up the work at control, because that balance can mean everything!

Harlen 2009-09-25 14:08:40 -0500 Report

We all would love to but when you think of what can happen passout at the wheel of a car and kill somone or your self.
go into a coma and never wake up.Just to much to list.when I do take a brake I keep the basel rate going and I dont eat anything that has carbs and thats the best I can do
best of luck

Bekki Diabetic
Bekki Diabetic 2009-09-25 08:57:10 -0500 Report

I will have to ponder that…ah, what a wonderful dream. I wouldn't even mind the diabetes if I didn't stay so confused about it. I get confused counting the carbs, reading labels, shopping for the right foods, etc. And, I know the confusion, pains, and lack of energy are all side effects of the diabetes. It's a vicious circle! If you can't handle doing the right things then it brings on all the bad things which makes it hard to do the right things. How long does it take to change the bad habits into good???

80sgirl71 2009-09-25 11:53:00 -0500 Report

I would guess that it takes a lifetime to get it right. At least we have a network of people who know exactly how we feel. We can also bounce ideas off each and share whatever wisdom we have gathered on our journey. Hey, maybe someday we will finally get all the pieces to fit and complete the puzzle.

redwingluver9398 2009-09-25 08:29:44 -0500 Report

I would love a vacation from it too. Some days I feel like I can do this well, and then there are days that I can't keep myself out of the fridge to save my soul! It's a very frustrating ride, but when I get too frustrated I look to my kiddos and hubby and realize I HAVE to keep it together. I NEED to grow old with my hubby and bounce grandbabies on my knees. Can't do that if I don't take care of myself. All that being said, it would be wonderful to be back in the day when you didn't have to worry about every morsel you put in your mouth…a vacation would be fantastic!

Jipwhip 2009-09-25 05:56:25 -0500 Report

Yes, it would be nice to have a day off from diabetes. LOL Wouldn't it be nice to flip the tables around for a day and lets us all have a break and let everyone else deal with it. Only in our dreams could this ever happen, but it is nice to have dreams like that. And hope someday that this will come true. Image a day with no pricks, pokes, counting carbs or watching everything you do. Sigh that would be wonderful.

80sgirl71 2009-09-25 08:12:56 -0500 Report

I like what you said about flipping things around to let the world deal with diabetes, while we take a day off. I bet that would change a few people's attitude towards the disease. It could also be a major eye opener to the people who choose to not see diabetes as a real medical problem. Let them give themselves an insulin shot, or experience a major drop in sugar levels, and then maybe they would be singing a different tune.

Turtle 2009-09-25 02:37:29 -0500 Report

Well, it would be nice to be able to take a one day vacation but for me, I know that would lead to one week, one month, one lifetime. No, I try to be on the straight and narrow and to deviate from my known and proven (for me) path could be detrimental to my health.

I will put on lavender baby lotion instead and believe I am pampering myself that way.