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Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is ok to buy slightly expired test strips on ebay? I can not afford to test as much as I would like to otherwise. I figure since I have two different meters I can use the non expired test strips in the morning and then when i test through the day I can use expired ones in the other meter and then use a good strip again at night? What are your opinions on this

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brandon86 2017-04-24 10:51:57 -0500 Report

I have done some research on this topic and also have spoken to the manufactures of freestyle and OneTouch and they all said pretty much the same thing… Test strips can be used for up to 120 days after the expiration date. This makes sense as they want to make sure that there is a reasonable grace period after the expire date. I have done several tests that check results on strips that had been expired for 30 days compared to the same strip that was not expired and the results were within 5 points.

Green3710 2014-05-09 21:12:26 -0500 Report

I use expired test strips most of the time. I use Accu-Chek Aviva Plus. If you get the black code chip which Accu-Chek gives away for free on their website, you can use expired test strips from 2012 and 2013. I have tested them against unexpired strips and get identical results. I buy expired test strips on Glucomart's website for usually about $5 per 50 count which is a lot better than $30 for the unexpired ones.

FiberAll 2010-03-13 14:52:18 -0600 Report

I have had to use some of the strips past there best by used by date, but normally if I have lots of them and the date is getting close, I just test a lot more often until I run out of them since this lets me not have to throw away any.

I found out since September, 2009, my Doctor wanted me to test once a day although I was able to get my Pharmacy to get it to twice and so my sister gave me a machine of hers and supplies and I got new supplies when it was time so I can check my blood sugar 3-4 times a day at this time.

I use now is True which is a very good machine and I love to use it. I have talked about how since so many need the test supplies, they should be cheaper, but no, instead they are charging too much and if the supplies went down the people could afford to test as often as they needed to, so many aren't testing as often as needed.

I would think that you could get 100 test strips for $30 for generic test strips and if you have to buy the most expensive, they would be about $50-$60 although they are much more expensive and I believe in 'free market' which should lower the prices for those on insurance and those who pay cash, but that is not the case I can see.

I am going to get a new Doctor officially in April since I had an argument with him about only getting to test my blood once a day, so I am sure this new doctor will let me test officially more often and my doctor didn't really listen although he did approve of my vitamins since I had the results he was getting and that was what he focused on. To me its important to have a doctor you can share about Vitamins and not make you feel your evil or doing wrong. I know not all Vitamins help all people, but many doctors don't approve of Vitamins, they like you to take RX.

FiberAll 2009-09-25 02:30:15 -0500 Report

I have been told only to test twice a day although my docs plan was only once a day and my numbers would change about 10-30 points each day, but now they are closer overall. I have had to change more than twice after begging my doc for a machine in the first place and when he finally got me RX for it, then I had to change to the one my sister gave me, I was using another brand, I can't find at this time. I have had twice when my sister helped me with enough test strips so I could test as needed and so I have changed since I can wait, but I let my friends use some of my supplies since he is supposed to test at least seven times a day and then he wasn't giving his amount and so I will wait until November and then I will test more often, I like to eat and then wait two hours and then test, I know some say 2 hours after walking and then it would be four hours from food to after walking before I checked my sugar. I am enjoying reading what is going on here, but I don't buy from Ebay since I can't afford this and I don't trust Ebay or paypal. I hope I have contributed here in some way since I checked the same day at doc time and it was 65 and I calibrate every two weeks, my doc or nurse didn't tell me this, my friend Ray shared this and told me how to use the machine, so I have learned a lot and I write the numbers down. When I had checked my blood sugar at Wally World twice, it was in the 50s and I felt hungry and since I had the numbers with me, I ate which helped me know what to do, I learned although I am not type 1, Jonas brother, that if you feel not right, then check blood sugar and then followup with what you need to do, that blessed me, but Medicaid is not interested in doing right thing, but doing the Medicaid thing. I hope I wasn't too honest here. I take pills not insulin. My main machine is True, which I found out is the 'generic' and yet the company does not offer the free test strips, not surprise, I don't explain, they said no.

In Christ, Vernon

Alicia039 2009-09-19 09:30:47 -0500 Report

I have one of the cheaper one from Wal Mart as a back up for when I can't afford the strips for my one touch ultra. the readings are accurate and the strips are around 15.00. Might be an option instead of the slightly outdated ones.

2catty 2009-09-18 21:55:18 -0500 Report

I think if it was me that is, I would not spend the money on expired stuff. You may get a accurate reading but you may not. It would be a game of chance. You don't want to lose at that one.

Harlen 2009-09-18 21:40:16 -0500 Report

true I have used exoired strips and they do not read right
Its your life you can do what you like I wouldnt do it
What tyo of test strips do you need ?

sweetie67 2009-09-19 00:29:22 -0500 Report

Hi Harlen, actualy I lol I have 3 meters I have freestyle flash and I have one touch ultra and now my most recent is called Trueread which I just got that one free and I noticed on ebay that the test strips for trueread seem to be cheaper than the other two. So basicly I use whatever test trips I can get the best deal on with my choice of the 3 meters. sometimes I use all three meters and get different readings on each one and that really drives me nuts.what meter do u think is best?

kdroberts 2009-09-19 08:28:50 -0500 Report

You need to pick one meter and use that. Each meter will read differently so you need to use the same one to get as accurate as you can. Last year the OneTouch Ultra line of meters was rated as most accurate but they are also some of the costliest strips. Something like the EasyPro from Target will run you about $8 for the meter and $22 of 50 strips. It doesn't have any real features outside telling you your blood sugar other than some averages but it is one of the cheapest meters to run and I never had any issues with accuracy.

sweetie67 2009-09-20 14:59:59 -0500 Report

yeah well, basicly I was trying to test to see if my meters were working right and they all said somehting different. Not sure why and it was a big range difference and none were expired strips. I went with the highest reading because I could tell I wasn't feeling well. But I don't understand why it matters if u stick to same meter to get more acurate results? please explain why.

kdroberts 2009-09-20 19:38:02 -0500 Report

Meters work on a chemical reaction and a bunch of math. Each one dies it differently and each will ave a different error range. For instance when I tested the Aviva, the UltraSmart and the Freestyle Lite the freestyle was always 10-20 points lower than the UltraSmart and the Aviva was always 10-15 points higher. If you were using different meters you won't get useful information because you are not comparing the same things. Meters in general are not accurate.

sweetie67 2009-09-21 11:45:46 -0500 Report

Oh ok I think I understnd what your saying now. In other words I need to test with the same one because then I will know on average what my bs usualy runs on a certain meter so if it gets higher I will notice. But ofcourse my average on the other meters will still be on them too. But I understand what u mean now. My freestyle meter is the one that always shows my bs as being alot higher than the other two meters. I guess it is kindove like weighing yourself on a different scale u may not get the same reading but doesn't mean your weight has gone down or up lol, right?

kdroberts 2009-09-18 20:37:33 -0500 Report

It's a waste of money really. Strips require a chemical reaction to work and the reason they have an expiration date is the chemicals breakdown and don't react like they should. You wont get reliable results with them so any reading you get wont be worth much. save your money and either by the cheap non-brand ones from wal-mart, target, etc or a by a lesser amount of the brand strips. You could also look at the discount pharmacy on this site, they have damaged packaging strips for substantial discounts. If you have insurance that would be the cheapest way of getting them.

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