metformin drinking

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Started 2009-09-16 20:14:52 -0500

can u drink when on metformin.

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mamaoak 2009-09-19 19:36:37 -0500 Report

i have been told no you should not drink . if it is wine it has a lot of carbs red is the lowest. check with yoour dr though.

kdroberts 2009-09-19 19:38:54 -0500 Report

Wine has a variable amount of carb and red is not always the lowest. Dry reds and whites are lowest and the sweeter you go the higher the carbs go.

kdroberts 2009-09-16 21:00:30 -0500 Report

Good question. the answer is complicated though.

Some background. Metformin does have the possible side effect of lactic acidosis which has about a 50% mortality rate, not a fun thing. However, this is a very remote chance because metformin has been engineered to reduce it. The way it becomes a side effect is because too much metformin builds up in the blood stream. So, metformin is processed by the kidneys so if you have kidney issues then you will need to be closely watched and probably be on a lower dose because your chances of developing lactic acidosis increase.

The alcohol question. Metformin comes with a warning not to drink when taking it. The reason for this is three fold. The drink itself can raise your blood sugar because of the carbs. The drink can lower your blood sugar and can make you forget to take medication and lower your blood sugar to low levels. Lastly, and probably most importantly, metformin and alcohol are processed by the same mechanism. That means when you drink the metformin doesn't get removed from your blood as quickly as it should and can build up. Realistically though it's really only an issue for alcoholics. If you have a couple of drinks now and again there should be no problem. It's always worth talking to a doctor to make sure though.

alanbossman 2009-09-17 12:47:06 -0500 Report

Always check with your doctor about drinking alcohol,some say if you drink beer limit is 2 12oz. drinks a day. Stronger drinks about 1 drink a day

DiabetesDiva 2009-09-17 12:53:07 -0500 Report

Thanks, KD for the explanation. I too prefer to eat my carbs, but have some diabetic friends that occasionally drink alcohol.

imsuzie2 2009-09-19 01:16:49 -0500 Report

KD, you have such good info on such a variety of topics, I wonder if this is just experience or if you are in the medical profession?

Your baby is precious! S2

kdroberts 2009-09-19 08:25:41 -0500 Report

I'm just a curious diabetic who wants to know as much as I can. I've pretty much taken every class of oral diabetic drug there is so have spent a long time researching them.

ellielouise 2009-09-21 06:48:14 -0500 Report

why are u being so nasty.i thought it was suppose to be freindy on here.i have type 2.i recently lost my partner.a year ago and very sugars are sometime high.some ask me could they drink on meds.i said i dont i thought i ask for advice.i wont no more if that the anwner.

imsuzie2 2009-09-21 17:22:46 -0500 Report

I also read thru everything and didn't read something mean. I agree w/ KD on that. All I have read is either personal experience, a not knowing or I heard… or my friends… If you think someone answered meanly, write to that person privately for clarification. No of wants to think we answered meanly. That is not what we do here.

hbkunkel 2009-09-16 20:28:21 -0500 Report

There are no warnings on my bottle but I don't drink my carbs I eat them anyways. I would guess and say only drink in moderation.

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