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i was just diagnosed on 0909 my mom has type 2 but refuses to take care of herself,i dont want to be like that i want to no all there is and how to control it i am overweight have high blood pressure high colesterol and low iron i still smoke and would like to quit pills gum nothing helps but that i will work on rite now i need advise about how to take care of my diabeties any advise will help. ty

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Lisa07 2010-12-06 13:39:04 -0600 Report

well i would say nothing is hopeless unless you try it. exercise,eating right,read Dr. Barnard or watch Dr.Oz show i love him. you can also get his dvd. i do alot of yoga go for walk with my dog. don't give up hope take this chronic illness, to be more aware what we eat and be healthy. in my opinion, eat more veggies,fish,green tea, lean meat and very low carbs. take care now! have a good one:-)

maryb63 2009-09-14 19:18:57 -0500 Report

thank you all for your responses it has made me feel like i belong to this big wonderful family. god bless you all

Piper5 2009-09-14 13:11:12 -0500 Report

Hopeless, welcome first of all. My two cents worth would be to say to you…Own your diabetes. Don't hide from it. Don't deny it. Work with it. And…be thankful you know about it now and that there are wonderful doctors, tools, and technology out there now to make our lives better. I've been diabetic for 33 years. I've tried all those years to NOT let the disease run me. I've been the one in charge and I think I've been very successful. I have a few firends who still after many years don't watch their diets, drink too much alcohol, don't exercise, etc, and they are paying the price when they say "I can do anything I want". Well, no they can't - they have eye problems, they are overweight, they have no energy and the list goes on. Everyone is different and thus the way the game is played is different for everyone. Find out what your body needs and then learn the best most efficient way to do that. Good luck, and remember to love yourself.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-09-14 12:27:32 -0500 Report

I personally suggest an endocrinologist to handle your diabetes. If you want to learn the right way as you seem to say you need to have your MD hook you up with a dietitain and diabetic classes. If you are just starting with diabetes do it the right way. Get a complete workup and go from there. Once you find a routine that suits you stick with it. Everyone can and will tell you what they do and works best for them, but you need to do whats best for you. There are real good discussions on diabetic classes that a friend,Gabby put on the site. It is real informative and interesting. Take a look at that for starters. But I do suggest you see a team to teach you the basics…Debe

Crashnot 2009-09-14 09:41:34 -0500 Report

Hi not-so-Hopeless!
My husband was diagnosed last fall at 44 years old. And he's reversed it! Spend $14 and get the book, "Reversing Diabetes" by Julian Whitaker. You can find it here and on Amazon. His diet and vitamin suggestions have saved me as a long-time Type 1 and pretty well headed off my husband's type 2. In three months he lost 50 pounds and lowered his hA1c from 12 to 7. As long as he eats sensibly (lost word on our culture!) he now does just fine and feels amazing.

Troy's Mom
Troy's Mom 2009-09-14 05:34:19 -0500 Report

Hi Ty…I know how you feel but let me reassure you that in a month you will be an expert in diabetes. I think everyone has said what I would have said. The schedule is everything. When my two year old was diagnoised last Dec. I struggled with the schedule and when I fall off the schedule now I can see his blood sugar numbers go up. My mom bought me a watch that had three alarms on it. She got it at wal-mart for a good price. I set the watch to go off for every meal so I would not forget to feed him at the same time everyday and then give him his shot. With little ones you have to feed them first and then give them their insulin according to how many carbs they ate. It is so cute because when the alarm goes off he says "Time to eat" The other thing already said is the importance of carb counting. Eat low carbs or carb free snacks. That will help. And yes walking has been the best excersise for Troy. I don't know what it is about the walking that really does the trick. Maybe because it is low stress and so peaceful. I just got on this web site last week and it has helped me so much. I am glad you are already here. Keep your hopes up. What drew me to you was the subject…"hopeless" It is so scary but we are in this together. I know that I don't have diabetes but I would take it in an instant if I could take it off my Troy boy. No baby deserves this. Nobody deserves this. I feel hopeless at times too, but you are a survivor and you are strong and we have to get through this the best we can. I know how dark it feels and at times I feel depressed again and then it goes away and then comes back. That's why I reached out to this web site and all these beautiful people because I was in a moment of hurt and anguish and I had nobody to talk too and I turned on my computer and typed in Diabetic research and I tripped on to this and I have felt so much better and look forward everyday to see how everyone is doing and you can help somebody with your story. We need you too. We need you. I need you, Troy needs you, we all need you. Your story is our story. We are all in the same boat and insulin is our water. Stick with all the good things you are already trying. You can do it!! Troy's Mom

jayabee52 2009-10-23 17:03:20 -0500 Report

Howdy Troy's mom and howdy to Troy!

When I lived in Las Vegas NV not long ago I went to a monthly diabetes support group that met in a Library. The leader of the group is a diabetes educator and ER Nurse. He had a saying that everyone who cared for a diabetic, [no matter whether a T 1 or T 2] was a Type 3 diabetic! I can think of no better person for this label than someone who cares for a child having type 1, My hat is off to you!

Turtle 2009-09-14 03:35:48 -0500 Report

Hi, it is not hopeless…a struggle, yes, but not hopeless. It is great that you are motivated and I agree with what others have said here. One step at a time. Turtle

Alicia039 2009-09-13 23:09:36 -0500 Report

When I was first diagnoses i signed up for a class and made an appointment with a nutritionist. It really helped for me to have the meal plan she gave me and the list of foods. There was a lot of useful literature from her. My mother had Type 2 diabetes as was growing up and she didn't take care of it to the point that she died 4 years ago from complications. This has motivated me to educate myself and try to stay on track with my care.

maryb63 2009-09-13 18:39:45 -0500 Report

thank you all its has all been helpfully im going to read my book tonight and try to get this rite.

hbkunkel 2009-09-13 18:03:53 -0500 Report

Well first of all congratulations on the wake up call that you are taing very seriously as you should. Try to control one one thing at a time and move on to something else. Remember to praise yourself when you do something "right" like cutting down on smoking or reducing your salt intake to help your blood pressure. You are not in this alone as you can see and many of the advice already given is wonderful. Keep us posted on your progress. Treat yourself to something little when you reach a goal and that helps too.
Hugs, Betsie

dyanne 2009-09-12 22:32:25 -0500 Report

Hi first don"t overwhelm yourself with everything at once. What you might find helpful is writing down everything you eat. Try to plan ahead so you know what you will have and have it in the house. Get rid of whatever you know is in the house that you should not have. I know it is not easy !!! I t sounds like you really want to help yourself so that is the first big step. When you see your blood sugars going down reward yourself with something fun … a new pair of earrings, a book or anything you will enjoy other than food. Good luck
Hugs dyanne

Jipwhip 2009-09-12 20:14:23 -0500 Report

First things first take a diabetes class to help you. Then go to the library and check out books on diabetes. Educate yourself this is a good way to start. Start out slowly because there is a lot to learn. Just take one day at a time. and you always can ask questions here to get help or information.

maryb63 2009-09-12 20:50:20 -0500 Report

that will be my first thing on monday morning and seen as i love reading anyway i thik it will be ok thank you.

Queen E
Queen E 2009-09-12 20:12:47 -0500 Report

Hello Maryb63, The first advise from my diabetic friends was:get a schedule and eat @ the same time. This has helped me tremendously. Bake your food, don't eat so much fried foods. Eat more vegetables. Get your rest. Drink lots of water. Exercersise- I walk a lot. I smoke too, so I won't tell you to stop. But if you do these, you will see a change and feel better. I hope his helps. let me know.

maryb63 2009-09-12 20:49:19 -0500 Report

thank you very much i am going to try and get on a schedule as soon as i can figure one out.