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When I was dxd with Diabetes, I thought adjusting to that was one of the hardest things I had to do. Now I'm starting all over again because I did adjust and my A1c has been 5'7 or less for about 2 years. This time though, I'm doing it without meds. Scary! The meds actually do provide a cushion of sorts. The Bydureon is completely out of my system now and the bg is a little irregular and much higher than I am used to. I'm not in the danger range, but not in the happy range either. I started working with a nutritionist last week. My first goal is to eat 3 meals a day. I don't always eat breakfast, so I'm working on it. Not there yet, but getting better. Anyway, just thought I'd touch base with my DC friends. God bless you all.

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Suzy24 2018-11-10 13:18:46 -0600 Report

Hi Sue - I can fully relate to your situation. I was taken off all meds 7 months ago, my A1c was 4.7 at that time. I've had the good old dawn phenomenon since then which freaked me out since I didn't have that while on meds. My numbers (morning & night) weren't as good as I hoped. I was sure I was going to be put back on meds (which is okay, better than the alternative). I've had two A1c readings since stopping meds and both were 5.1 - the last one being 3 weeks ago.

My glucose numbers must be behaving in between testing times. I had been expecting a higher A1c. Don't give up hope yet - adjusting to no meds is scary. I'm still trying to do my best to follow the dietary changes that allowed me to go off meds. If I have a 'cheat' item, I get back right back on the wagon. I try to plan ahead for those cheat items and adjust carbs tighter the next day. Not sure my next A1c will be as good since I've had lots of stress and pain going on but that's part of life.

I had to learn to eat breakfast regularly when I started this journey. In my prior life breakfast was an afterthought! You can do it:)

suecsdy 2018-11-12 16:59:39 -0600 Report

Since that post, things have settled down a little more. I am now seeing more consistent numbers in the mornings. I am getting readings in the 120s range and considering that's without meds, I think I'm going to be ok. For a while they were reading in the 130s and 140s and I was NOT happy. Of course, I'm sure my frustration didn't help any. If I stay in my current range, I should come in at about 6.1 for an A1c. I would be satisfied with that. Labs are next month, but the real test will be in March when I will have had a full 3 months with no diabetes meds at all in my system.

This morning's breakfast was a handful of almonds. Strangely satisfying. I'm still not losing weight, but have only gained a few. I'm working on controlling the cravings and still trying out some diabetic friendly snack recipes. I like dessert, but I want it to be diabetes-legal. I can't have ice cream in the house because I will eat it and not in a healthy, portion controlled serving. I'm more conscious of sugar and carb content then ever. It gets a little depressing and I really thought I was past that. It isn't good to be a picky eater with diabetes.

Type1Lou 2018-11-10 07:31:50 -0600 Report

Wishing you well on your new path to managing diabetes, Sue!. For me, changing my way of eating and my way of exercising has made all of the difference in the world (but as a Type 1, I'll always need insulin…I just need less of it now.) It's not easy to change lifelong habits (particularly at our age) but the end results are well worth it.

suecsdy 2018-11-12 17:05:05 -0600 Report

Lou, you hit the nail on the head. Some of the old things, I don't really miss much (soda, chips, even cake; though I do miss baking.) others, like breakfast goodies (pancakes, muffins, Wheat Chex with bananas), I think I will always miss. I'm actually trying to eat more, because the nutritionist thinks I'm not eating enough. Control, control, control.

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