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Today I feel really down and disappointed with myself as the past few weeks I haven't been financially able or physically able to get my glucose levels under control. I'm finding it more difficult to

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Type1Lou 2018-10-18 09:07:45 -0500 Report

Depression and emotions can wreak havoc on our BG's, making it even harder to control. Unfortunately, it's not only the food that we eat that impacts blood glucose. I'm hoping you can find yourself in a better place soon. When I was depressed, I found it helpful to make a list of the things I thought were affecting me and then choosing from that list, those things that were within my power to change. Then, taking those things that I could change, one by one, taking steps to make those better. It can become overwhelming if we try to fix everything but we can gain small victories, one at a time and feel we're making some progress. Wishing you well.

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