Medicaid Expansion

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"Results from a recent study published in Health Affairs suggest that increased insurance coverage provided by state Medicaid expansion has improved access to diabetes medications. Researchers observed that the number of prescriptions for both insulin and newer diabetes medications increased by about 40% in 2014 and 2015 in states that opted to expand Medicaid. During this time, no such increase was observed in states that elected not to expand Medicaid coverage."

This quote is from an interesting article on the states that chose to expand their Medicaid programs and those that did not. While I personally am not on the bandwagon of states owing the feds anything, there do seem to be some benefits. It is a hard subject and many of us need help in some way.

Here is the full article. See what your state is doing.

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haoleboy 2018-09-09 10:29:32 -0500 Report

thank god for Medi-Cal (California's version of Medicaid).
my major expenses are not diabetes related. eye care is the big cost. I see an ophthalmologist every 3-4 months and get a full battery of eye tests each time. my eye drops cost $360 a month but zero out of pocket.
having only one eye, I don't take any chances.
☮ Steve

suecsdy 2018-09-08 22:50:38 -0500 Report

I don't qualify for Medicaid, but am very fortunate to have Tricare for Life as my secondary ins. One of the drawbacks though is that it disqualifies me for manufacturer aid on meds that Tricare won't cover. Weird.

msann 2018-09-07 10:26:49 -0500 Report

thanks Gabby insulin more people not taking care of themselves me and hubby pay 47.00 a month for 4 pens of lantus

Type1Lou 2018-09-07 08:12:03 -0500 Report

The high cost of diabetes can be best managed by taking care and managing the disease rather than by treating its subsequent complications when left to poor management and thus incurring even higher costs. I just refilled my insulin RX yesterday and, without any insurance the cost of 3 vials of NovoLog would have been $1038.22 Back in May, the same 3 vials retail cost would have been $943.31. A $94.91 increase. (Yes, I know that these totals don't evenly divide by 3 but those were the amounts listed on my receipt.) Why do the costs keep rising????? I'm lucky enough to have Medicare and be able to afford a Medicare supplement which minimizes my out-of-pocket costs. I also use my insulin in a pump, so that it is covered under Medicare Part B rather than injected insulin (same insulin) which would be covered under Medicare Part D. If I received coverage under Medicare part D, I would fall into the dreaded Medicare donut-hole by mid-year. For an affluent nation, we do an exceedingly poor job of providing medical coverage to our population. I am advocating that we all review the positions of candidates for election in November and vote for those who address this issue and support our needs and positions. (Gabby, didn't mean to hijack your post…hope you're OK with my response.)

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2018-09-06 22:27:04 -0500 Report

Gabby, thanks for sharing this. It sounds like people who need help are actually able to get that help, and get diagnosed, and their treatment underway, and those already aware of their diabetes are getting better care. I understand your concerns about Medicaid funding. As you said, many need help. So an upside to this. Very interesting.