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hi friends,

i checked my A1c yesterday and it was 8.4 and i am very upset with my readings and i am planning to get a insulin pump if it suits me .as of i heared omnipod with CGM is the latest and and it tubeless too ..

1.how far does it work good . ?

2.what is the net cost of this pump without claims and other things .?

3.is it available in all over the world (particularly in india) ?

4.is omnipod with CGM (tubeless) is best ?

5. is there any other pump with advanced features than this .?

6.has medtronics launched the tubeless pump ?

please guide me through.


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Crashnot 2009-09-13 11:47:15 -0500 Report

I use the Medtronics pump, but would love to try the Omnipod if it was available here in Canada. I dislike the tube getting caught on my clothes and tangling me up now and then. It is rare, but annoying. I'm not aware of a tubeless pump by Medtronics but being familiar with the company, am confident they are working on one. I have not been overly impressed by the Medtronics CGM as I have trouble keeping it calibrated and wind up tossing the $50 sensor before I should need to. You will need to inquire with Omnipod if they are available in India. I have had a pump for 8 months now after 41 years of daily injections, and am pleased with the results it is giving me.

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