Water retention

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I went to the doctor about 8 weeks ago and things were fine. Over the last month, however, my body seems to be retaining water. My feet swell at night. I have gained 5 pounds in a month. I feel and look bloated. I know I am not the healthiest eater, but this is unusual~~I have been "on plan". Does anyone have ideas what might be going on? Or how to fix it? Note: I drink a ton of water each day~~about 2 gallons. But…I have always done that. I just don't understand… :0{

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velvetaunt 2018-09-29 12:50:08 -0500 Report

Yep, my problem is using salt too much…guilty!! By the way, I can't handle food with a lot of preservatives for the same reason. Fat feet is not pretty! Don't forget to put your feet up and give them a rest. Regardless of what you find out…wiggle them toes to keep circulation going.

suecsdy 2018-08-30 09:54:51 -0500 Report

I think it's one of the mysteries of life. Why am I retaining fluid and why won't ot go away? could be to much salt. or an electrolyte imbalance; it is summer and I don't know about your area, but here in Texas, it's been hot and I've been sweating a lot. There's also the question of circulation, which has been part of my problem til lately. Have you called your Dr? Perhaps he/she could prescribe a diuretic. I would definitely make an appt if you are that uncomfortable. It might be time for some blood tests.

2018-08-31 12:48:59 -0500 Report

I am in southern Utah~~just outside a ski canyon. It hasn't been too hot. I hadn't thought about electrolyte I'm balance. How do you fix that? You nailed it on the salt thing`~i cut put sugar and brought on salt. I think the focus/ diuretic idea is good. Thx—as always—for your help :0).

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