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I just found out not long ago that i have type 2 diabetes and sometimes i want to cry, i go grocery shopping and look at the labels and feel like "what can i eat"? everything has sugar or carbs .My husband jokes and says "here eat this tasty rock" i just want to cry … help! :)

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Momma Shirley
Momma Shirley 2009-10-11 13:53:48 -0500 Report

I promise it will get better. Everyone here is giving you wonderful advice.
However what finally helped me is my doc told me to keep a daily journal of my readings morning and night.
He took that information and prescribed meds with it. It works when I stay on schedule and eat properly.

dj7110 2009-10-11 12:05:38 -0500 Report

been awhile sionce i was on this site.. hope things are going better for ya. best advice is eat fruits and vegetables for snacks, eat smaller portions and get three balanced meals with 3 snacks in a day. It's impossible to stay away from carbs etc all togeather.. but better in smaller portions from what i've learned.

mamaoak 2009-10-11 10:42:51 -0500 Report

well we are here for you it takes time to ajust to this i found that if i bye fresh veg fruit and no boxed products i can really eat the carbs with small servings it is like a life change. but i can say so far for me it has been a real experience. cant say it has not been frustrating but i have gotten use to it. diet and exersise that is the trick to this . do not get discouaged.

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2009-10-11 10:32:38 -0500 Report

Tears may not help the disease, however, they certainly can release a lot of stress over the situation. So, you go ahead and cry, if you need to, and if it makes you feel less anxious. I was diagnosed about a yr., and 1/2 ago at the ripe old age of 61, and diagnosed with Type 1. I was in shock, and still am. There are days that I just want to sit down and bawl my eyes out. I get so frustrated at times that I don't know what to do; having to guess about carbs, and how much insulin to use. I am on the pump; the pump helps, but it is still difficult at times when I just have to quess about how many carbs to program into the pump for a particular meal. There is one blessing however with having the pump, it is pretty easy to adjust when you have to. I can check my bs levels two hours after a meal, and if it is too high, I just make an adjustment, and the pump figures out for me how many units of insulin that I get. Believe me, sweetie, I feel your pain, and frustration. Hang in there, as I am trying to do; we will hang in together. Try as I am, to get all the education you can aquire. Remember education is power.

jigsaw 2009-09-29 16:13:09 -0500 Report

Originally, I felt very anxious and miserable 16 years ago when I was diagnosed! It turned out to be a savier for me however. I am now much more aware of eating properly, exercising and just plain living a healthier lifestyle! 16 years later, I am thinner, more energetic, and enjoying life more than ever. Not sure otherwise what would have happened if it wasn't for the information I aquired as a result of my diabetes.

heen 2009-09-27 00:32:04 -0500 Report

I know how you feel. I was just diagnosed in July. My doctor sent me to several classes which helped. At first I was on information overload (OK sometimes still am) But, the more information I can find the better off I think it will be. It still takes me a couple of hours to do my grocery shopping, as I read every label. This site has helped as I love getting info from someone who is going through the same thing.

SuzyAttendorn 2009-09-29 08:49:28 -0500 Report

I understand how you feel. I was diagnosed just 6 weeks ago. I have been following the weight watcher program while trying to pay attention to good and bad carbs. I have already lost 12 lbs and am feeling really good about it. It takes a while to grocery shop because of reading labels, but you will soon learn what is good for you and what isn't. Don't lose faith…we are all on this journey together. Good luck!

SmartyMarti1 2009-09-15 16:28:43 -0500 Report

rocks are beter with chocolate on them! LOL
Well you gotta have humor, that's for sure.
It is a difficult road to travel but the more you try, the better it gets. Keep on trying. It's like some other things in life, we do well, we fail, we get up and try again and so on:)

Da Rose Ohana
Da Rose Ohana 2009-09-15 15:50:55 -0500 Report

Tears won't help you. You need to be strong minded to fight this disease. Ask your DR. for referral to see a registered dietitian. Check out www.diabetes.org. You can control Type 2 diabetes by exercise and what you eat.

When I was diagnosed in June 2008, I did not cry, I decided to fight. A year after, I do not have asthma and sleep apnea anymore. I lost 65 lbs and my Type 2 diabetes is gone.

Girl, if I can do it then you can! Be strong and stay strong. Talk to your hubby and tell him you need his support and his help. That is what my husband and daughter did for me.

Let me know how you doing … Aloha

SmartyMarti1 2009-09-15 16:26:46 -0500 Report

tears don't help you? That's a heartless comment-some are very sad when they find out. They may have no support system or much money or even insurance. Quite possibly, they could have other problems in their lives.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-09-15 14:25:02 -0500 Report

You should probably see about getting an appointment with a Certified Diabetes Educator and/or a Registered Dietitian. That would be a great help. They can work with you to develop a meal plan that works for you.

Here's a link to find one in your area:

And besides that, check out the great recipes on this site. We have so many delicious, easy, and low-carb recipes that you could make something new every day for months (not that you'd really want to, but you could :-).

Here are a couple of my favorites:


Bekki Diabetic
Bekki Diabetic 2009-09-15 07:19:20 -0500 Report

All good advice. You can get books from your library that give you lots of information about diabetes and they have diabetic cookbooks, too. It is a real challenge having this and a continuous process. Good luck!

EVADTAPPY 2009-09-15 07:11:07 -0500 Report


cakeybakes 2009-09-13 16:38:36 -0500 Report

Hang in there, do research, and get educated! We're all here for support and it's very overwhelming at first. Lower carbs, more veggies! You're in my prayers.

maryb63 2009-09-13 16:35:44 -0500 Report

i feel the same way not sure wat to do next. im hopeing between all of the info on here will help.

Liz1963 2009-09-12 01:20:12 -0500 Report

Go ahead and cry. Release that pent up stress and worry. Then realize that you are on a quest for life. Have your doctor set up an appointment at your local hospital to meet a nutritionist. There are also classes you can go to to learn about stress management, diet, excersise and glucose control. I will be going to my classes every Thursday in October. I was diagnosed at 34 and was devistated. Both my parents had adult onset diabetes and I just lost my father in April of this year. He was 71 and a double amputee from diabetes. It is going to be hard. It is a lifechanging thing. BUT we are all here for you. We are all going through the same things, some just in different stages. I am currently on 5 Metformin, 2 Glipizides, 1 Actos and 20 units of Lantus a day. I weigh 285 lbs. (was 240 until I quit smoking on 10/8/07 and gained 45 lbs) and every day is a struggle. Good luck, stay connected here and tell your husband to take that rock and build you a Zen garden out back!

Turtle 2009-09-11 23:16:47 -0500 Report

Hi, I remember when I was first diagnosed a few years ago. I was scared and felt like I had disappointed my mother because I was putting on weight and she kept warning me. I do not feel that way anymore. I agree with what everyone has said here. Ask your dr. for a referral to a diabetic educator…they help lots.
Take care

Harlen 2009-09-11 11:51:42 -0500 Report

We are here for you
we have all ben there
And it will get better
good luck and keep up the good work

MarineMomX2 2009-09-11 21:38:17 -0500 Report

Like Harlen said…We've all been there. And, we're still here! Educate yourself and read everything you can find. It's not something that will just go away, even if we want or wish it would. I went thru the 'denial' stage as many others have and tried to pretent that it would just fix itself…it will not. Am finally at a point now that I can determine and recognize the 'bad' things I was doing to myself and much to the chagrin of some of my diabetic friends…tell them also! lol Hang in there and ask questions, you're helping yourself in the longrun by doing so!

cyncyn 2009-09-11 10:24:32 -0500 Report

Ask your dr. for a referral to a Register Dietician. She will show you how to do meal planning, with information are how many carbs, proteins, fat and calories you should consume daily. She will teach you how to "read" those lablea. She can set you up with a schedule as to when to eat and when to eat a snack. It will get easier with knowledge. Good luck to you(and your husband, with his tasty rock) ~giggle~


hbkunkel 2009-09-11 10:12:08 -0500 Report

I understand exactly how you feel but believe me there are great foods out there that are good for us. First and foremost, look at the recipe section of this site - it has terrific recipes. Also have your husband go with you for diabetic education and nutrionist so he can be of help and not unintentional harmful. I remember wandering why they did not have "diabetic aisles" of food in the grocery store. You will soon leave how to eat healthier. It is very hard to accept the diagnosis of diabetes and as I was told you have to go throught the stages of mourning so you can finally come to grips with this illness. Tissues were my best friend for a long time! As long as I follow a good eating plan, exercise, and try to keep a lid on stress (LOL) I actually feel healthier than before and feel as though I have been given a second chance at living to see the milestones in my future.
Hugs, Betsie

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