Eggs and Blood Sugar?

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I'm pre-diabetic and have been trying to manage my BG levels to prevent a full diagnosis and having to use medication. I went on a low-carb diet (around 20-30g per day). With this, I had to switch out my morning granola for eggs. I love eggs! They're low carb and high fat, so perfect right? I found my blood glucose levels rise to around 150-160 after eating scrambled eggs. No bread or carbs with it. :( Not what I was going for. I've seen the same effect with the green smoothies in the morning. I'm thinking it may still be glucogenesis from my liver kicking out sugar and fats. I like to think that this will actually help heal my liver and decrease over time? Not sure about that though. Mi may try eating a few carbs with the eggs to see if that helps, or switch back to a sugar-free granola or flaxseed oatmeal.

Curious if any of you have had similar experiences with eggs or green smoothies raising your BG and if you have any advice or insights for me?

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GabbyPA 2018-07-13 20:21:31 -0500 Report

If you are aware of what your liver tends to do, which it seems you are. Then getting the liver cleared out can help. What might be happening is that when you are low carb, your body kind of panics until it really gets used to it and your liver will help out by releasing some stored glucose. There are a lot of things that can help clean up your liver like low carb (which you are doing), intermittent fasting and detoxes.
One thing my nutritionist taught me was that I have to give a routine 3 months to see if it will really work. You may just need some patience.

JSJB 2018-07-13 13:02:08 -0500 Report

The supermarkets sells cartons of liquid eggs. One carton of whites and one of yokes. There aren't any carbs and you can not tell the difference between liquid eggs and solid eggs.

2018-07-11 16:43:33 -0500 Report

Hmmmm. Maybe go see your doctor or nutritionist. That is very curious.

DebLovesDegas 2018-07-11 12:48:55 -0500 Report

Hi LJ - what was your bs before eating the eggs and how many hours after you ate did you test? Did you put anything in the eggs (like milk)?