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I am a 24 year old Type 1 diabetic. Lately my control has been less than stellar. I have been experiencing some things and wanted to see if anyone else out there has had similar experiences:
1. Often times when I go outside on a sunny, or even somewhat sunny day, my eyes take FOREVER to adjust and it is very difficult for me to see
2. I experience severe lower back pain, like it feels like I got hit by a car. Heating pads and massages do nothing to alleviate the pain
3. Humidity makes my sugars plummet. It takes a lot of work to keep my numbers up when it's humid outside

I'm new to the whole diabetic community and wanted to ask a question. When I get upset and cry my blood sugars sky rocket. I'm talking into the 300s. Now, this can't be a true reading, because I haven't ingested any food, but should I still treat this reading as a true 'high' blood sugar?

I'm looking for friends close to me in age who may have similar stories to share, or who may have been off-track with their diabetes care and found their way back to health.

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Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-09-17 06:20:20 -0500 Report

I have had surgery on both eyes. My eye MD informed me of the change. I am ato wear sunglass at all time (not when it is dark out though. I find myself always squinting in sunlight. Not for heat and humidity my blood sugars can see to go sky high if I don't watch it and keep them under control. Now knowing that the sun and weather has that effect on me I have to check my blood sugars more often in the summer…

mj636 2009-09-14 17:45:13 -0500 Report

I really understand what you're saying. I've been type 1 for 38 years and have been through alot. Even the Doctors over the years have learned a thing or 2 from me. Getting upset will definitly make your sugars read high. As far as your back pain, it could be neuropathy or just the way your body responds to stress. The outside sun affects me as well, although I wear glasses that change to light. The sun is probably because of your high readings.Please make an appointment with your Dr. to discuss this.

Piper5 2009-09-14 16:06:07 -0500 Report

Hi again Amy, I don't know about the humidity itself but I know that when I am in a climate where it is 85 degrees or above, if I put out much exertion I crash with a low. Only good part of that is, when we go camping my hubby insists on putting up all the camping gear so I don't have a low. (hee hee)

Dietbeeties 2009-09-12 18:09:38 -0500 Report

Hello, thought I'd join in here. I am 30 and T1. My eyes are checked every year and they are great..but I can't handle sunlight for the last 3 years. Its really hard to fight the urge to close my eyes, even with sunglasses on. They water and ache if I am out a for any amount of time. The winter snow hurts my eyes too. But like I said, get checked every year, no reason for it. I also have lower back pain, my Dr. had blown me off about my pain saying if I'd lose that last 20 lbs…but would never look further into it. I ended up going to massage therapy and x-rays there found that my pelvis had been tilted badly (during labor of my last child..7 years ago!) and needed aggressive adjustments and therapy (and some lifts to make my legs the same length..lol), some orthotics and my back pain should go to nil!! So we'll see on that one. Hoping I can get my mold for orthotics next week. I never thought I would be 30 and talking about all this stuff. It has its ups and downs, wins and losses, but in the end,its worth everything we do for every minute we have! Good luck and glad you are here.

Crashnot 2009-09-13 09:00:01 -0500 Report

Arch supports have to be THE best thing on earth for your back! Got them 20 years ago and even wear them in my slippers at home now. Invest in a set of custom ones to start with, then you can by the Dr. Scholls that match for the rest of your shoes. A good ortho will help you find a cheap pair if you can't afford their custom ones.

AmyESmith 2009-09-13 19:20:07 -0500 Report

This is good news considering my sister is a chiropractor. I will definitely look into this because I feel like I'm too young to be debilitated by back pain. Thank you both so much for your input. I love this community of friends :)

Jan Ritchey-Shipskie
Jan Ritchey-Shipskie 2009-09-12 17:22:46 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed Type 1 when I was 20. I am 41 now and have experienced all of the same reactions. As far as the crying and stress your body releases cortisol under times of stress which in turn jacks your sugars up. Good luck to you. Hope this was of some help.

Jan Ritchey-Shipskie
Jan Ritchey-Shipskie 2009-09-12 17:22:45 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed Type 1 when I was 20. I am 41 now and have experienced all of the same reactions. As far as the crying and stress your body releases cortisol under times of stress which in turn jacks your sugars up. Good luck to you. Hope this was of some help.

mikeinspain 2009-09-12 14:14:08 -0500 Report

Hi Amy

I think I can help with your query regarding number 3..

I currently live in Spain, where our year round climate is pretty decent, however when summer arrives especially this one, the heat and humidity can play a major role.

Heat/humidity increases the absorption of insulin through your body. That applies to everyone whether they ave diabetes or not.

Now for us persons with diabetes things are a little tougher but easily manageable as long as we/you are aware of the effects.

For some it will be a slight decrease in insulin, for others it may be that they make sure that they reduce any activity prior to lunch, dinner etc..

I think with this and many other things that we have to think about is just having the awareness..

Hope that helps??


Crashnot 2009-09-11 08:29:24 -0500 Report

I have the same problem with heat and humidity. We actually needed to call the ambulance this summer because I'd been running low so many evenings, I'd depleted that "liver" supply to bump me up on the next night and didn't respond to glucose. I have to lower my insulin a bit on those kind of days or eat a LOT!

Sunlight is especially hard for me if my sugars are low.

Have you asked your doctor about the back pains? It could be on ovarian problem too and bears checking on to be sure!

Jipwhip 2009-09-10 17:42:42 -0500 Report

Am a type 2 I always wear sunglasses when I go outside other wise I have a hard time seeing. Number 2 I don't know about. As for number 3 stress can play havoc with your blood sugars that is normal.

BLC 2009-09-10 17:29:36 -0500 Report

I am a 29 year old type 1 diabetic. I cannot go outside when the sun is shinning without my sunglasses. My eyes cannot handle it. My eye doctor seems to think that my eyes are weaker since I have diabetes. I also have lower back pain a lot. I had been worried that it was my kidneys but they were checked out fine. When I am stressed my sugars shoot up up up. I was in a staff meeting a couple of weeks ago and I got very upset about some of the information I heard during the meeting and my sugar went from 117 at the beginning of the meeting to 389 by the time the meeting was over. I know exactly what you are talking about. Good Luck and nice to meet you.

kdroberts 2009-09-10 14:12:01 -0500 Report

You don't have to eat for your blood sugar to go up, your body has a store of several pounds of glucose it is more than willing to spit out into your blood stream, and that includes when you are under stress and are emotional. That reading in the 300's is as real as if you ate a tub of ice cream.

The eye thing could be because of your blood sugars. When was the last time you had your eyes checked? High or unstable blood sugars can cause problems with your eyes so if it's been a while since you had an eye exam it would be a good idea to get one done.

The other 2 issues I don't really know about enough to comment much. Heat and humidity do weird things to people. For me I can't get my blood sugar to stay low when I'm in the heat and humidity of summer. The back pain could be related to blood sugars but could be completely unrelated. Have you asked your doctor about it? If it's due to blood sugar some descriptions of the pain are sharp electric shock feeling, burning or cold sensation and tingling or numbness. Like I said, it could be unrelated but it could be the start of neuropathy which needs medical care and is pretty serious.

Harlen 2009-09-10 14:07:48 -0500 Report

Hello and I am T2 an 46
1. It takes me a bit of time to ajust to bright light.
2.I have ben busted up so much in my life I dont know if its Diabetes or all the busted bones?
3. every time I get upset or under a lot of stress my BS can go up or down in big spikes
I hope this has helped good luck and any thing I can do to help you let me know

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