Have people told you to go to Gabriel Cousins ranch for a cure?

By Dietbeeties Latest Reply 2009-09-22 15:37:46 -0500
Started 2009-09-10 10:34:58 -0500

I was waiting to get my adjustments (and some massage therapy;) and one of the ladies that worked there (no one I had seen before) told me there was no reason anyone should have any type of diabetes. She said most people just aren't willing to put the time or money into it. She said I should go to Gabriel Cousins ranch and do his 21 day diabetes "cure" camp and I would never have to take another shot! Its all done with cleansing and natural foods. I just kind of laughed it off but was still polite. I checked out his website and he does claim that he can cure both type 1 and type 2 diabetes with his "camp"…forever as long as you stick to your meal plan when you leave. This kind of disturbs me, if it wasn't $16,000 I would go check it out and see how he can say this!!! He says that dr.s and drug companies don't want you to know you can heal yourself because they make to much money off of diabetes patients. So, I have to know..has anyone else been told to go there? What are your opinions? I also would like to know what a nutrionist/dietician would have to say about it…maybe there is some truth in what he says, but a complete cure for all types? I don't know why, but can't get this off my mind. It would be really crappy if there was a cure out there, but no one could afford the information to do it!

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Turtle 2009-09-12 03:34:57 -0500 Report

Never heard of this and I agree with everyone here. He is just after your money and there is no "cure". Stick with your doc and you know what is best for you. Listen to your body
Take care

Traceyrb 2009-09-12 08:27:04 -0500 Report

I too agree with everyone. When I was younger I thought "hey…if I don't take my insulin I'm not a diabetic". 3 days later I ended up in the hospital with my blood sugar around 1200!! I asked my doctor how did I go from 1-15 years old and then suddenly become a T1 diabetic where my pancreas doesn't produce insulin? He said, "if I had the answer to that I'd have the cure to diabetes". Made perfect sense. Everyone needs insulin for their bodies to work properly. I don't believe this guy.

jen321 2009-09-22 15:37:19 -0500 Report

Gabriel Cousins is actually a really well respected nutritionist. The program at Tree of Life is expensive and all inclusive but you can get many of his books in the public library or on Amazon if you want to learn more and try it at home.

Anonymous 2009-09-11 01:15:24 -0500 Report

FYI - Cousens uses MD designation but there is no evidence that he has license to practice medicine in Arizona. Another person on his website - Dan Engle - does, according to the Arizona Medical Board, have a license in Arizona to practice medicine. Also if you carefully read the Tree of Life website including a page devoted strictly to some medical aspects, it is clear that there are many disclaimers that offset the claims that paying money and staying at the ranch will result in an indiviudal being "cured" of diabetes. Makes me think of that saying that a fool and his money are soon parted or in this case a desperate person. Buyer beware!!!!!

Jipwhip 2009-09-10 21:47:29 -0500 Report

Somebody's pulling your leg. There is no cure for diabetes yet. The big tip-off is no evidence this works. Also that they want a lot of money for it. It is just another get rich scheme.

cakeybakes 2009-09-10 13:35:30 -0500 Report

No cure, just management. Possible to get off meds, but it will come back to you later in life or if you don't maintain a proper lifestyle. Take care!

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2009-09-10 14:20:05 -0500 Report

I agree with KDRoberts, this guy is after your money. There are so many free web sites that will give you the same advise for free. Right here of DC I have learned so much and I'm always learing something new. So don't throw your money away stick to Diabetic websites.

Dietbeeties 2009-09-10 14:20:18 -0500 Report

I am more confused now than I was before…,..before I thought I "knew" that being a type 1 I would never produce insulin or get off insulin…but now, since so many are saying you can get off meds as long as you manage it…?? my management of it thus far (a1c 6.7) isn't enough? I have never been over 7.5 except when I was a teen and trying to get diagnosed. Why isn't my dr. telling me how to "manage" without my insulin? I understand that there isn't a cure…I just want to know how this guy gets people off insulin. If he can't then how can he say that he can?

2009-09-10 11:45:25 -0500 Report

There is no "cure" for diabeties. I am not on insulin, but on meds. I was able to go off them for a couple of years, but I was still diabetic, even though I wasn't on medication. There is no cure for diabeties.

kdroberts 2009-09-10 10:56:10 -0500 Report

No truth. A cure means you are cured and do not need to do anything to maintain it. Management means you have to stick to a certain lifestyle to maintain. He is selling maintenance advice, nothing more. Maintenance advice that can be had for free if you get advice from your doctor and various message boards.

Dietbeeties 2009-09-10 11:04:13 -0500 Report

He claims to be able to get all types off insulin…my Dr. has not given me any advice on that note, he said a long time ago I would never produce insulin on my own…so I wonder, if you don't produce insulin, how can you survive without shots? This guy confuses me…lol.

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