Does this look like prediabetes or somewhat confusing?

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Is this prediabetes? Back in January, I was 30 pounds heavier and I found out my fasting blood sugar was 104 mg/dL. I quickly became alarmed and decided to go on a lifestyle change and lose weight and fend off prediabetes and any health problems. A few months later, by April of this year, I decided to undergo some extensive testing to see how I was doing- I underwent an OGTT, had my fasting glucose again, A1C and fasting insulin levels. My fasting glucose was 91 mg/dL, and my 2 hour sample after 75 grams of glucose was 108 mg/dL. My fasting insulin at that time was 7.2 mIU/mL and under 20 is considered normal . A1C at the time was 5.4 %. Three weeks later, I had another fasting test with insulin measured. This time it was 89 mg/dL and fasting insulin dropped to 4.8 mIU/mL which supposedly is great. After that test, in early May, I went on vacation and indulged in carbs, steaks, pastries, desserts, wine, etc and did not exercise for nearly a month. After my return, I had another OGTT along with fasting insulin test. This time, I did not do so great. My fasting glucose went up to 98 mg/dL and I spiked high at 1 hour after 75 grams of glucose to 187 mg/dL. However, at 2 hours, I was at 125 mg/dL. My fasting insulin this time was higher than ever at 8.2 mIU/mL. So, in just a matter of a few weeks or eating whatever I wanted and being sedentary, my body did not respond as well as you can see on the second test. Lastly, I had my most recent fasting test 2 weeks ago and it was 103 mg/dL. It seems to be if I start indulging too much and stop lifting weights and running, my fasting sugar increases into the prediabetic range though my A1C is normal. I know most of you are not doctors, but do you guys think based on my results I am prediabetic? My doctor did not seem concerned at all. Any insights would be appreciated . How could anyone diagnose prediabetes if fasting glucose can vary in my case from 89 to 103 depending on diet and activity level? And by the way, I am 32 years old and male.

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